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  1. eVTOLs — flying vehicles with electric engine and vertical take-off and landing. Like drones, but bigger and capable to carry people. 18 companies are working on them. 3 have prototypes. Daimler Ventures, Boeing, Geely/Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures are investing in the eVTOL production. Also there are other sides of the industry: chargers, landing pads, maintenance, mobile apps. We are going to make unified platform for all elements of this chain. Powered by blockchain and free for everyone. The problem appears, when you realize, that there are no standarts for interaction of all elements. What charger will support my eVTOL? Am I able to pay for them with USD? How much do I pay for the usage of landing pad? And what if I want to buy an eVTOL and use it as a taxi? McFly.aero makes all interactions between all elements transparent, simple and accessable for all. We will open the huge new market for entrepreneurs and passengers. At first we are going to spread eVTOLs in big cities — urbaners hate traffic jams and ready to use any method to avoid them. You can get more info here http://blockchain.aero/
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