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  1. Download: imap brute checker password: blackos.net Work only without a proxy or SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 Yes, even though the title contains the phrase ALLMAILCHECKER , but I will not lie to it wrong, it all depends on the number of IMAP settings in the imapdatabase.cfg file (there are about 57k settings there now). The software works exclusively using the IMAP protocol, which means that when purchasing a proxy, pay attention to the prescription to the proxy or if there is no mention of this, check with the support if their proxy can work with the imap protocol, whether this feature is blocked. The software searches for letters using 2 methods: 1 fast (less efficient) using search by sender with one request (as in all mail you just type in @ ea.com press Enter and it gives the result). 2 Long (more efficient) using the passage through all the letters in search of the sender you need. (use forced search to activate this search method) Why 2 methods? It’s just that not all IMAP servers support the first method, so you probably noticed in similar software (not all starjieu have a special thank you for you. I didn’t skip such mails, I implemented the second method, but it takes much longer to check than the first one, because I have to go through all the letters, there’s a limit to how many emails you can get for this.
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