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  1. @gigiRoman Of course that i will share with you my experience when i came back. As i mentioned before, I was already in Timisoara several times (with travel agency from Kikinda (Chichinda Mare)). You see that i was back, so definetelly it is not shitty country as someone mention before. I understand that for most people foreign is better then yours but it is not always true. As tourist, I usually walking alone without guide and other people in tourist group. I dont give a shit for gypsies. I didnt notice them in Timisoara and so far i didnt had any problem. @ gaddafi Thank You for translation. Ride in west is not option for me. Why? It is simple. Croatia - I agree that it is beautiful country with great coast (we was one country before - Yugoslavia) but...Time and people are changed. They dont love us and threat as some kind of enemy and lower race. Sometimes I think that they have generic hate for Serbs. It is complicated story. Italia - it is expensive too much for our standard. And i want to more connect with Romania and Romanian people. Fun Fact: I have your large flag (300x150cm) on my wall so Romania is only option where i want to discover and ride across.
  2. Frați, nu știu prea bine romanește Vorbești engleza, va rog. What you discuss in previously posts?
  3. Thank You all for your responses! I really apreciate that. I has already been in Timisoara, several times and that place is charming! I really feel in love with your people guys. @SynTAX I dont use Skype or any similar I am some kind of old school in techology use. See You soon!
  4. I plan to travel in Romania during the summer and have great time riding the motorcycle. I think that my route will be Jimbolia - Sibiu - Oradea - Jimbolia. I am from Serbia so i am just curious what ordinary people in Romania means about us? Multumesc mult!
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