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  1. Problema e cauzata de inverter - nu sunt alimentate neoanele, porneste mai greu din ceva motive. Daca dai cu o lanterna lumina spre ecran dinspre laterala, ai sa vezi la fel ca si cand te uiti de sus. E clar ca nu ai lumina din spatele displayului.
  2. 11nino

    Invertor 12v

    Ceva mai sus ai primit un sfat foarte bun. Un contactor cu bobina de 220v are suficiente contacte si in 5 minute un meserias te rezolva.
  3. hello i hope now you are a victime of us. so you are thinking how to get back your datas back. # The solution~ 1~ don't try to delete any things which is now appere on your Desktop. 2~ Gather 5$ or 500TK 3~ Pay us the money [Note that your all datas are encripeted in on folder and its password protected] 4~ how you will pay us we will tell you on mail. 5~ mail here> 6~ You have to pay us within 2days or we will delete your datas on the 3rd day.! 7~ We are untrackable. Hope you understand.
  4. Fii mai atent. Ce e aia "prespicacitate"? Chiar daca pagina e destinata pentru cei mici, ca sa nu zic cu atat mai mult.
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