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    hello i hope now you are a victime of us. so you are thinking how to get back your datas back. # The solution~ 1~ don't try to delete any things which is now appere on your Desktop. 2~ Gather 5$ or 500TK 3~ Pay us the money [Note that your all datas are encripeted in on folder and its password protected] 4~ how you will pay us we will tell you on mail. 5~ mail here> 6~ You have to pay us within 2days or we will delete your datas on the 3rd day.! 7~ We are untrackable. Hope you understand.
  2. Fii mai atent. Ce e aia "prespicacitate"? Chiar daca pagina e destinata pentru cei mici, ca sa nu zic cu atat mai mult.
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