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  1. Burp Suite Professional version 1.7.03 Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. Burp gives you full control, letting you combine advanced manual techniques with state-of-the-art automation, to make your work faster, more effective, and more fun. Burp Suite contains the following key components: Download : http://intosec.ir/tools/burp-suite-professional-version-1-7-03/
  2. IBM® Security AppScan® version 9.0.3 IBM® Security AppScan® is a web application and web services penetration testing solution for the security specialist. Get a quick start by using a built-in Scan Configuration Wizard. Obtain a thorough security assessment of your web applications and web services. Learn about vulnerabilities and how to resolve them with comprehensive advisories and fix recommendations. Communicate vulnerabilities to development teams using detailed PDF reports. Determine areas of non-compliance to industry regulations. Download : http://intosec.ir/tools/ibm-security-appscan-version-9-0-3/