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  1. Salut, puteti sa imi recomandati un player web pentru wordpress care sa preia link-urile de pe youtube si sa le redea unul dupa altul... sa semene ca un fel de televiziune live daca intelegeti ce vreau sa spun... Stiu ca se poate face playlist in youtube si incorpora link-ul, dar nu vreau ca omul sa aiba posibilitatea sa aleaga ce vrea el si sa se plimbe prin continut. Pentru orice alte detalii pe care le doriti, intrebati-ma. Multumesc anticipat!
  2. Nu stiu ce sa zic, adica contul poti sa il faci pe numele tau, la fel si comanda (care practic e 0$ daca bagi codul promotional), doar adresa nu o sa corespunda, totusi nu exista nici un "terms and conditions" in acest sens, sau poate nu am vazut eu...
  3. Nu stiu ce o fi, dar sursa e asta: Hitman 2 Silent Assassin - Free Full Game - Steam for Windows - Grab Free Games - Grab Free Games
  4. Free steam Key - Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Instructions: Giveaway by Square Enix Store Giveaway found by Googloff 1. Go to the giveaway page https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/281196/hitman-2-silent-assassin-pc-download and type your birthday (just make sure you are older then 18 2. Add this game to cart, checkout 3. Register and login (fill in your email, dont forget that) i used facebook, its easier 4. When you are reviewing and confirming the order If you have a promo code, please click here (click there) apply this coupon FreeSilentAssassin 5. Contine and fill in the details (use the address in the united states) Address: Some Address 123 Zip/Postal code: 10469 (find some other if this one is not working) Free ZIP code map, zip code lookup, and shipping comparisons (zoom in on the map to see zip codes) 6. Continue -> Place order 7. When you get an email, click on the second button "Click Here to get access to your products" -> Unlock the activation key, and the cd key will appear 8. Activate the steam key and have fun
  5. Vertiginous Golf - descarcati de pe Steam si porniti-l, odata descarcat si pornit va ramane al vostru "forever" Video gameplay - Link - Save 50% on Vertiginous Golf on Steam
  6. Participati pentru a castiga unul din cele 8 jocuri steam - Victor Vran, Watch_Dogs, Mortal Kombat X, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Battlefield Hardline, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Grand Theft Auto V Link- https://wn.nr/7Mgsb
  7. METAL GEAR SOLID V - participati pentru a avea sansa de a castiga jocul (Steam) Link - DailyIndieGame.com - Daily indie game deal starting at $0.99
  8. Anomaly Warzone Earth - Steam key Video gameplay - 1. Inregistrativa pe https://gamesrepublic.com 2. Dupa ce v-ati inregistrat si ati confirmat adresa de mail, intrati pe acest link si dati click pe jocul Anomaly (Free) - https://gamesrepublic.com/promo/11-bit-studios-catalogue,144.html 3. Acum va duceti la "My Profile" in meniul "My games" si dati pe "Get it" apoi revendicati key-a steam. Bafta
  9. Royal Defense - 5000 Steam Key Video gameplay - Link -
  10. Particula - 25000 Steam Key Video gameplay - Link - DailyIndieGame.com - Daily indie game deal starting at $0.99
  11. Tea Party Simulator 2015™ - 1000 Steam Key Video gameplay - Link - Giveaways4Ever - Home
  12. Talisman: Prologue - Steam key Video gameplay - Ce trebuie sa faceti pentru a primi key-a... 1. Intrati pe https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly (trebuie sa aveti cont, daca nu aveti, faceti-va) 2. Derulati pagina in jos pana la "Link youre Steam to Claim the Key" (trebuie sa va legati contul de Steam cu aplicatia pentru a obtine key-a)
  13. Devil's Bluff - Steam key Video gameplay - Ce trebuie sa faceti pentru a primi key-a... 1. Intrati pe site-ul Devil's Bluff 2. Va lasati adresa de mail 3. In aproximativ 48 de ore veti primi key-a pe mail (verificati si in spam)
  14. Deadlings: Rotten Edition - Steam free key Video gameplay - Link catre key (viziteaza siteul) https://gleam.io/n1uIw/free-steam-keys-for-deadlings-rotten-edition
  15. Ravensword: Shadowlands - 27.000 Key Steam Video Gameplay - Link spre key - https://www.facebook.com/Ultrashockgaming/app_940568462642412 (like, follow, join, etc...)
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