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Found 10 results

  1. VPN providers often advertise their products as a method of surfing the web anonymously, claiming they never store logs of user activity, but a recent criminal case shows that at least some, do store user activity logs. The case in question is of Ryan Lin, a 24-year-old man from Newton, Massachusetts, arrested on Thursday, October 5, on charges of cyberstalking. More on https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cyberstalking-suspect-arrested-after-vpn-providers-shared-logs-with-the-fbi/
  2. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=14kkkiMq
  3. GitHub has been ordered to hand over records on some of its users to taxi-booking app Uber after unsuccessfully challenging a subpoena. Last month, Uber announced its driver database had been hacked in May 2014, but it had only noticed in September of that year. Uber discovered that a supposedly secret database access key had somehow ended up in a couple of Gists in a public area of GitHub. It's alleged this key was spotted by miscreants who used the key to delve into Uber's internal database of driver names and license plates. Uber asked GitHub to hand over the web access logs for the two Gist pages for the May-September period. GitHub refused, and so on 27 February this year, Uber created a John Doe lawsuit in order to subpoena GitHub to hand over the logs. Earlier this month, GitHub challenged the subpoena in a San Francisco court but lost, with the judge late last week giving GitHub 30 days to comply. Uber argued during the hearing that the two Gist posts (both of which have been offline since the lawsuit was filed) should have had very little traffic, and the data on who visited them "should generally reveal people, who were affiliated with Uber and who worked on the Uber code near the time of the unauthorized download." The judge also found that Uber had "shown that its need for early discovery outweighs the prejudice to GitHub, as GitHub is an established provider who routinely deals with discovery requests and would suffer little burden from producing the requested information." In other words: hand it over, GitHub. We asked GitHub and Uber to comment on the case; both companies are based around the corner from our office in San Francisco. GitHub told us: "We don't have any additional info to share." Uber's lawyer has yet to return our call or email. Source
  4. metasploit2015


    Download: Zippyshare.com - 2.sql.zip Parola: rstforums
  5. Castiel

    Vand logs

    Vand logs prinse cu "Coailer":))
  6. Webfwlog is a flexible web-based firewall log analyzer and reporting tool. It supports standard system logs for linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Irix, OS X, etc. as well as Windows XP®. Supported log file formats are netfilter, ipfilter, ipfw, ipchains and Windows XP®. Webfwlog also supports logs saved in a database using the ULOG or NFLOG targets of the linux netfilter project, or any other database logs mapped with a view to the ulogd schema. Versions 1 and 2 of ulogd database schemas are supported. Webfwlog is licensed under the GNU GPL. Webfwlog fully supports IPv6 for database logs, and netfilter and ipfilter system logs. With Webfwlog you can design reports to use on your logged data in whatever configuration you desire. Included are example reports as a starting point. You can sort a report with a single click, “drill-down” on the reports all the way to the packet level, and save your reports for later use. Download: Web-based Firewall Log Analyzer - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
  7. aHR0cDovL3Bhc3RlYmluLmNvbS96M2hxdU5jag== hint:b64 enjoy ssh roots hehe US, all us want a bin of this bot created for you? contact me in the email
  8. Salut ! Sunt incepator in tot ce inseamna .. hacking.. Tot ce as vrea este sa pot pune loguri (asa se numesc , cred) pe un site. Gen sa pun logurile pe .. cacat.ro , iar toti cei care se conecteaza sa le iau datele. Presupun ca toti o sa ma injurati sau alte chestii de genul.. dar poate este cineva binevoitor care ar putea sa ma invete Pana atunci.. toate cele bune !
  9. Dupa cum zice si titlul...cateva log-uri free. Nu am testat sa vad ce si cum.Sunt si vechi,sunt si noi.Sper sa foloseasca cuiva. Link: +gkx2gzM+4edJ4ix24kS+g+=ndkY24HGnKeL+4qL2g+L+4qoJOpY+4e=+bIdJ4HG+dyGJKkbJd+R+g+SJ4yMJgHLJKqL24QG2giR+gyo+deM+KQL+4HoJdHb+deR+gk=Jd+M2g+GJdkI+dqS+gkbndkYJgHLnKHY+dvd+dzIJ4exJOpo+d+xnKHS24QLJdiLJ4zdJbpY+gvdJ0Id+KyGJgqdJ4kx+4iR+gyI+4QM+KqbJ4qYJdvd+dqondkx24HInKkx2gHo+Ke=Jgkb2OpYJ4ed+OIY2geoJdeS+gQb2gz5 Hint: Tripo, Ezip 64,Hazz 15 <== Va descurcatii voi.
  10. Cateva loguri,nu sunt multe dar sper sa fie de folos cuiva. Criptat de doua ori: Ordine decrypt:64 => 15 Alt hint nu mai dau.Fara pm pentru link sau hint
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