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Tessa88@exploit.im is a cheater

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 Hello, everyone

Firstly, i`m sorry for trouble you. 

I just wanna use this field to talk some things for you.

I found Tessa88@exploit.im is a cheater, he said he have some data to sell, but after you send the money, he immediatly play missing.


Here is some infos about him:



ICQ: 740455
JID: tessa88@exploit.im
JID: tessa88@xmpp.jp

date of birth: 4 July

форум: кардклаб.su/member.php?u=59358
форум: даркмоней/members/tessa88-109816/
BTC address:1AbMLfZPB59H6gwqWHnA9bnUQt3JB2gAoC



Do be swindled by him again!!!!!!







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Never send money in advance, you should have used https://www.leakedsource.com/ in the first place (if we talk about Myspace leaks or any other leaks by Tessa), if an offer sounds too good to be true then be doubtful, I'm sorry for your loss, but remember, use escrow.

You posted in the wrong category, delete this one and move it to "Trash" or to "Off-topic", in order to boost your credibility please give us more details, what did you want to buy, how did you send the money, proofs are welcome because your "transaction" could be inexistent and maybe he or she is trustworthy and you just want to make him/her a bad reputation.

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