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Vand cupoane AdWords

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Vand cupoane AdWords cu valoare de 20 de euro, nu necesita sa cheltuiti bani.


UPDATE: Nu sunt sigur ca mai functioneaza pentru cei 20 de euro gratuit, dar:

Invest 25.00€ in AdWords before 14 March. 2018. Get 75.00€ in future advertising credit
Voi reveni cu detalii daca mai functioneaza pentru cei 20€ gratuit.


Pret: 10$ - BTC sau ETH


Terms and conditions of this offer:

 - To activate this offer, you'll need to enter the promotional code on the billing tab in your account before 2018-12-31.
 - Promotional codes do not have immediate promotional value and the introduction of the promotional code serves only to start the qualification process for the associated promotional credit.
- To qualify for the promotional credit you must accumulate advertising expenses in the amount of 20€ within 31 days after you have entered your promotional code. For example, if you enter the code on [Date 2] you will have [Date 3] up to accumulate advertising expenses in the amount of 20€. Either way, you'll need to enter the promotional code before 2018-12-31 to activate this offer.
- Your account must be successfully debited by AdWords and must remain operational to qualify for a promotional credit.
- The promotional credit will be applied within approximately 5 business days after your account has reached the qualifying ad expiration limit above, provided you have activated your account using the promotional code and have met all the requirements set forth in the offer. Once applied, the promotional credit will appear on the Billing Summary page in your account.


Cei interesati lasati reply in acest topic sau PM.

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