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Google CTF 2019

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What is the Google CTF?

Google runs a CTF competition in two rounds: an online qualification round and an onsite final round. The top 10 teams from the qualification round will be invited to the finals to compete onsite for a prize pool of more than USD $31,337. In addition to the grand prizes, some of the best and creative write-ups that we receive during the qualifying round will be rewarded as well. We want to give you an opportunity to share with the world the clever ways you solve challenges. You can read more about the Google CTF here.

What do I do now?

If this is your first time playing a CTF competition, we suggest you start in the Beginner's Quest here. If you are a seasoned and experienced player, or feel ready for a harder challenge, our competition will be running from June 22 00:01 UTC until June 23 23:59 UTC. Once the competition starts, the challenges for the main competition will be available here. To submit flags, you need to register a team; you can do this by clicking on the sign-in link here.

Where can I submit a write-up?

Please submit all write-ups as an attachment in CommonMark Markdown format to google-ctf-writeups@google.com. If your write-up can't be submitted in Markdown (for example, if it's a video, or an app), please send us a link to a ZIP file we can use to download it. The deadline for write-up submission is June 30 23:59 UTC. Any write-up received after that will not be accepted.

Where can I ask a question?

During the competition, you can reach the Google CTF team on IRC on ##ctfcompetition on freenode. Click here to join with your web browser. You can also reach us by email at google-ctf@google.com.


Sursa: https://capturetheflag.withgoogle.com/

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