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theHarvester Pentesting OSINT tool

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Like the name suggests, theHarvester is used to harvest/gather sensitive information that can help in determining a company’s external thread landscape on the internet. Not just company by even individual information of particular users available on the internet. The Harvester largely depends on public sources and the information theHarvester can gather include:



Installing theHarvester

pip3 install theHarvester

Querying for host information



(theHarvesters) $theHarvester -d google.com -b google

# -d is for domain

# -b is for SOURCE

usage: theHarvester [-h] -d DOMAIN [-l LIMIT] [-S START] [-g] [-p] [-s] [-v]

                   [-e DNS_SERVER] [-t DNS_TLD] [-n] [-c] [-f FILENAME]

                   [-b SOURCE]


Reporting and Saving in external file


(theHarvesters) $theHarvester -d nmmapper.com -b google -f nmmapper.com

# You will see something like

# [*] Reporting started.

# [*] Reporting finished.

# [*] Saving files.

# [*] Files saved.


There is more to this tool you can explore for yourself.


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