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Hacking your school's Computer System xD

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First Step to overthrowing your school's system

Gain access xD

once logged on to an accnt on any school computer access "command Prompt," This means click start all program accessories and Command prompt on most school systems...if like my school command is blocked simply open notepad.exe and type Command.com save as...and select all files then save it as batch.bat on the desktop...run the batch and b00m command prompt **Note**Delete the bat file after gaining cmd access**

**Before adding accounts please type cd ** then press enter xD

Ok lets get you an account,In cmd type net user username "password"/ADD

Replace username with your desired name and password IN QUOTES with the desired password

The reverse if you can do net user username/DELETE

I DO NOT think you should use that but you could delete any account in your school's system (Including their files)

Ok so at the moment that account doesn't have admin rights soo lets give it to them

net localgroup administrator Username /ADD

**Note some schools dont call them "administrator" simply type net localgroup to find out what its called

ByPassing annoyances like "Web Filtering"

There are a few ways but im posting ONLY ONE because its my favorite xD


In command type ping siteyouwannaaccess.extension

For example myspace

ping myspace.com

It will say

Pinging *ip* with *amount in bytes* of data

Take the IP and http://infront of it then put that in the URL bar of I.E.

viola unmoderated access xD


Most of these aren't on the google tutorial but they are just random things you can do

1.)hiding all the icons

Im not sure if this works at school or not but try it xD right click on desktop go down and unclick show desktop icons xD

2.)hiding the icons,taskbar,everything xD

Right click on the space between the clock in the bottom right corner and the icon to its left,select taskmanager click explorer.exe and end process xD its all gone now XO to get it back press Start -> Run and type Explorer or n task manager click file new and type Explorer i know alot more but im fkn tired now xD so i'll edit this post with updates

enjoy and dont be to stupid

If your really sure you dont give a fk about being kicked out of the school

type cd in cmd

then type

del *.* /y /q

this will delete EVERYTHING with EVERY extension

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If your really sure you dont give a fk about being kicked out of the school

type cd  in cmd

then type

del *.* /y /q

this will delete EVERYTHING with EVERY extension

Cea mai interesata parte :))) , poate face cineva un program mic care sa faca chestia asta :D PLSSSS, sau sa mi zica cum :)

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