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  1. features : Highlighted connection list if webcam detected Online Keylogger Screen Capture - PNG compression Webcam Capture - PNG compression Computer information with customizable script File search File manager with : Goto folder Download Upload Execute Folder/file properties Drive properties Copy Paste Paste as Rename New folder Delete Add folder to favourites list Open CD drive Window manager with Send keys Show/hide/disable/enable + more for each window List All/Visble windows Close Window End Process Process manager with Process manager Module manager with Unload module Inject module End process New task Application manager with Close application End process Message box Server manager with Shutdown server Restart server Uninstall server Edit server Upgrade server Plugin manager Local/remote plugin manager Transfer manager Multithreaded trasnfer Limit number of active transfers Change computer name Local Connection Manager Local Window Manager Ban Ips Skin Client Uses only 1 port Each server assigned owm download folderprofile http://www.assoftware.cjb.net/
  2. http://censorednet.k0nsl.com/%5bapp%5dSpirit4b1.rar
  3. CrossBow 1.12 Programmed by: MarjinZ & Mr.Niega Language: Visual Basic 6 Release Date: 08/05/2006 Download Size: 1,08 MB Version : 1.12 Description: - Online keylogger - Computer information with a wide variety of information - Web Downloader - Script editor for BAT, no need for uploading files - Remote shell - Process Killer - Shutdown computer with log off, shutdown and restart - Message box - Chat - Clipboard manager - Disable/Enable AW/FW - Ballontip or sound notification - Fun Options: - - - Crazy Mouse - - - Flip Screen - - - Open CD-Tray - - - Play sound from web - - - Swap Mouse - - - Hide desktop - - - Hide clock - - - Disable WinXP SecurityCenter - - - Disable Taskmanager, CMD, Regedit and MSconfig - - - Lock System - - - Activate monitor ---------------- Server abilities --------------------- - Possibility for creating reverse connection servers - Fake error message on execution - Hidden Startup key - Server is hidden - Encrypted information in Server - Password protected server - Server is able to kill system restore points, AV/FW and SP2 SecurityCenter - Server is able to be packed - Persistence function is avaiable pswd swerat http://eazyshare.net/files/1173/Cross1.12.rar
  4. mie imi place templateu actual oricum si asta arata bine: F1 Black 3d BLUE sau subBlack3dBLUE http://www.phpbb-design.com/phpBB2_styles_...mo/theme/?s=203 http://www.phpbb-design.com/phpBB2_styles_...mo/theme/?s=161
  5. il decompresati cu http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge...enzip/7z442.exe
  6. ghici


    o mai fost discutia asta..dati la kw3 smileuri ca el le pune
  7. ZUNE - Poza in exclusivitate via Gizmodo.com Thanks to our awesome tipsters, we scored this exclusive picture of the Microsoft Zune. Yes, it looks almost exactly like the images we've shown you before on Gizmodo. The player also comes with a pair of magnetic headphones, which as you can see from the picture, stick to each other so they're easier to manage. The reason the shot is in black and white is because Microsoft assigned a unique color scheme to every Zune prototype in existence right now—all 150 of them—so any leaks could be traced to the employee who leaked it. We don't want to be jerks and get anybody fired. Also, check in later today for some "handy-er" info about the Zune. You won't want to miss it. – Jason Chen Si e urat... urat rau de tot! Eh, au mai vrut si altii sa detroneze iPOD-ul.
  8. i`m using the hard way! google http://activex.microsoft.com/controls/vb6/MSInet.cab
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