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New Bux site (almost 3 months old) and its paying daily

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deh nu mam obosit sa scriu eu asta , eu doar mam inscris pe site si miam facut upgrade , sunt membru de 2 zile si pot zice ca , cu planul de upgrade investitor si 50 de referrali fac cam 2$ pe zi

Sursa : goagal . [orice link e prin post-u asta nu e de al meu, mam gandit ca poate unii is chiar faliti de tot si merita sa vada asta :) ]

I recently discovered a new bux site , its a paid to click site. all you have to do is to click on ads and you will get a certain amount of money (you will see after u register how much u can get)

Now the tricky part is that if you get direct&rented referrals (which is pretty easy) you will make much more money .

There are some upgrade plans (very cheap -for 1 year) , i personally use the 2nd biggest upgrade plan (investitor -25$-year) but there are a lot of upgrade plans which are much much cheaper !

After you register just go upgrade account page and you will see all of them , the cheapest one is 5$=1year

With my upgrade plan and above 100 referrals i easily make 3-4$ a day and soon will request a 200$ cash out .

You can check payment proofs posted by members here : BIGINCOMEBUX FORUM • View forum - Proof of Payments

To register click this



If you have any questions feel free to ask me , with just a little bit of work everyday (about 4-10 mins to make ur daily clicks ) you can earn a very nice amount of money and then get them into your own pocket or invest them in something else .

All this beeing said i wish you good luck !


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Nu e.

PE e-money4u am facut 6 dolari in 2 saptamani.Alea o fost cele mai grele.

Dupa aceea cu banii aia am facut upgrade la cont, iar acum fac 1$ pe zi fara ce mai fac de la referali.

Nu i pot scoate inca pt. ca nu am paypal si nu vreau sa imi fac pana la 18 ani ca sa pot scoate atunci mai multi odata.

Oricum daca te tii de treaba faci o gramada din ptc+referali.

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