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Xplizer :


Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/39600004/xplizer.exe

Size : 252 KB

About TooL : Xplizer is a security configuration hardening tool. It is mostly based on registry

keys modification. Xplizer is designed for use by any computer user, from

newbie to professional it supplys quick and effective security configuration.

Xplizer was designed to be the first software you run right after WindowsXp installation,

Because it closes DCOM,445,139(Disables Netbios),5000,1900UDP.

After Xplizer was used a remote port scan of the computer will show nothing! - a ghost.


1. 64 MB of memory

2. 1 MB of free disk space

3. Microsoft WindowsXp Operating System


Xplizer includes the following features:

- Disable DCOM

- Disable Remote Desktop

- Disable Port 445

- Disable *.Chm Execution - Denies all Chm exploits.

- Disable SSDP(UPNP) TCP Port 5000,UDP 1900

- Disable File Sharing

- Disable Auto Share Server

- Disable Messenger(PopUps)

- Disable Null Session

- Force Guest upon connection to any share

- Disable Sam Enumeration

- Dont Display Last UserName - Local Security

- Disable Zip Files As Folders

- Disable Multiple TSSessions

(*) Xplizer Compatibility Information

- Xplizer was built on WindowsXp Professional and is also designed for SP1

- Xplizer Works on SP2 too, But considered BETA on that platform.

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