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[INFO] Bug Bounty Program PayPal

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Thank you for participating in the PayPal and Magento Bug Bounty programs. It's contributions like yours that help to keep our customers secure. As we constantly look for ways to improve our programs, we have decided to combine the PayPal and Magento under the eBay Inc Bug Bounty Program and provide researchers with a centralized tool to submit bugs. By combining our programs, researchers will now have a more streamlined and simplified way to submit and get updates on your bugs. To start using the tool, simply register using your eBay User ID and PayPal account. Going forward, you will authenticate with your eBay User ID to log submissions.

A few of the tool's key features include:

* Template entry rather than the previous email submission process.

* Updated listing of bug submissions logged into the tool with their status.

* Ability to search your bug submissions logged into the tool.

What changes does these mean for your research activities?

* After registration, you will have the ability to log submissions after authenticating with your eBay ID.

* The terms and conditions for research processes remain the same. The PayPal and Magento scope have been updated for eligible domains within their respective programs.

PayPal and Magento will use a new email address - ebayincbugbounty@ebay.com for any questions you have. We have also provided a page here as a single resource for getting terms and conditions and program scope information for PayPal and Magento. As eBay Inc companies, we look forward to combining our resources to create a more streamlined experience for our researchers.

For the time being, ebay.com bugs can still be communicated through their current responsible disclosure process here. We are working towards adding ebay.com to our Bug Bounty program. Once we have more details to share, we will keep you updated.

Thank you again for your participation and efforts with our Bug Bounty Programs!

PayPal and Magento Security Teams


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