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How to download all your getpocket bookmarks (web pages) to an offline backup cache

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Restrictions : Cannot download video / audio / other embedded media.

1. Go to https://getpocket.com/options & Export and save the html page that contains all of your bookmarks

2. Open the html page with notepad and copy paste it's contents to this website to extract the links : http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-extract-urls

2.1. Open the csv in an editor / in your favourite processor (I used docs.google.com cause it's fast and easy)

2.2. Remove the last two colons and only use the first colon that contains the actual links and save that to your computer

3. Download http://www.httrack.com/

3.1. Create a new project with a name of your choosing, click next, select the Url list you have just created (don't forget to rename the file from .csv to .txt and remove the first line that contains the column name)

3.2. Select options and enter the following in :

- Limits : Maximum external depth = 0; Max transfer rate = 999999999;

- Flow Control : Number of connections = 9 (keep alive); Timeout = 300 s; Retries = 1; Min transfer rate=50 bytes/s (remove host if low);

- Links : Get html files first!

- Build : ISO9660 Names

- Log, Index, Cache : Make an index

Remember to check the exported links, so that the format is one link per line, no commas at the end, etc.

And tinker with the options as you please.


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