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  1. Same issue macOS Chrome
  2. Hello everyone. I joined this community a while ago; I have/had been a lurker for even longer. A huge part of what made the hacker community what it was (and what it is here) involves a willingness to share knowledge (without spoonfeeding). I would feel remiss if I gained so much from so many of you and did not give something back on occasion. What follows are anecdotes, opinions and observations I can share after almost 7 years working professionally in the InfoSec/Netsec field. Most of my work in this sphere has been anchored in Penetration Testing. Even when my official
  3. Restrictions : Cannot download video / audio / other embedded media. 1. Go to https://getpocket.com/options & Export and save the html page that contains all of your bookmarks 2. Open the html page with notepad and copy paste it's contents to this website to extract the links : http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-extract-urls 2.1. Open the csv in an editor / in your favourite processor (I used docs.google.com cause it's fast and easy) 2.2. Remove the last two colons and only use the first colon that contains the actual links and save that to your computer 3. Download http://www.httr
  4. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29579.Foundation?ac=1
  5. Logaritmul discret folosit in encriptie a cam fost spart. Researchers crack unassailable encryption algorithm in two hours
  6. Biologists Create Cells With 6 DNA Letters, Instead of Just 4 | Science | WIRED
  7. Pita este ?i va fi în continuare la Defcamp.
  8. E un user vechi care are peste 10 posturi in caz ca v-ati intrebat.
  9. Sight Systems - Softbinator //reclama : Vino la Politehnica, we can teach you this.
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