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php code

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Salut. Am urmatorul script:



<script type="text/Javascript" language="JavaScript">


produse = new Array();

produse[0] = new Array('Televizor',300);

produse[1] = new Array('Computer', 500);

produse[2] = new Array('Masina',1500);

produse[3] = new Array('Napolitane',1.5);

produse[4] = new Array('Dulap 2 usi',150);

produse[5] = new Array('Auto Q7',100000);

// end produse

function caltot()


var tott = 0;

var totx = 0;

for (i=0;i<produse.length;i++)


var pret = parseFloat(document.getElementById('pret'+i.toString()).value);

var cant = parseInt(document.getElementById('cant'+i.toString()).value);

document.getElementById('cant'+i.toString()).value = cant;

totx = pret*cant;

tott += totx;

document.getElementById('val'+i.toString()).value = totx.toString();


document.getElementById('tot').value = tott.toString();


function emailCheck()



return false;



<style type="text/css"> input:disabled { background-color:#ffffff;}</style>



<form name="form1" method="post" action="trimite.php" onsubmit="return emailCheck()">

<table width="50%">

<tr><td>Produs</td><td>Pret<br />[RON]</td><td>Cantitate<br />[buc]</td><td>Valoare<br />[RON]</td></tr>

<script type="text/Javascript" language="JavaScript">

for (i=0;i<=produse.length-1;i++)



'<input type="text" name="prod[]" id="prod'+i.toString()+'" value="'+ produse[0]+'" disabled="disabled" >' +


'<input type="text" name="pret[]" id="pret'+i.toString()+'" value="'+ produse[1].toString()+'" disabled="disabled" >' +


'<input type="text" name="cant[]" id="cant'+i.toString()+'" value="0" onchange="caltot();" >' +


'<input type="text" name="val[]" id="val'+i.toString()+'" value="0" disabled="disabled" >' +




<tr><td colspan="3">Total</td>

<td><input type="text" name="tot" id="tot" value="0" disabled="disabled"></td></tr>


<br /><input type="submit" name="trimite" value="Trimite" />




M-ar interesa cum ar trebui sa arate fisierul trimite.php ca sa imi trimita mie prin email. Sper ca nu par prea cersetor:">

Edited by Iceman.

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if(){} // aici mai faci niste verificari la input-uri (daca vrei)
mail(); // http://php.net/manual/ro/function.mail.php

Eventual poti da un print_r($_POST) sa vezi ce field-uri ai...


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Am incercat... nu prea imi iese. Eu defapt vreau sa fac un magazin online daca se poate numi asa. Un client se uita , adauga o cantitate la produs , vede cat costa in total si da trimite. In momentul cand da Trimite tot ce a modificat el sa m-i se trimita mie pe mail. In fine va trebui sa adaug si o casuta cu adresa lui de email , nr de tel pt. a-l putea contacta. Chiar nu exista nici o solutie?

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