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ShellNoob is a writing toolkit, that helps you to writting some shellcodes, converting to different formats, resolving some boring steps.


convert shellcode between different formats (currently supported: asm, bin, hex, obj, exe, C, python, ruby, pretty)

interactive opcode-to-binary conversion (and viceversa) mode. This is useful when you cannot use specific bytes in the shellcode.

resolve syscall numbers and constants (not exactly implemented yet :-))

portable and easily deployable (it only relies on gcc/as/objdump and python). And it just one python file!

in-place development: you run ShellNoob directly on the target architecture!

other options: prepend breakpoint, 32bit/64bit switch.

read from stdin / write to stdout support (use “-” as filename)

Download: https://github.com/reyammer/shellnoob

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