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Comparing DOM XSS Identification Tools on a Real World Vulnerability

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Due to the lack of literature about DOM Based XSS identification tools awareness, we decided to write a paper that took the actual tools that are stated to be able to identify DOM Based XSS and test their capabilities when dealing with a real world DOM XSS issue.

Minded Security has been the first company to launch a commercial tool aimed to identify DOM Based XSS with a runtime approach: DOMinatorPro.

In 2012, as a result of our research on DOM XSS, we released the tainting engine on github.com as an open source project and created a commercial version that let users easily identify several kind of JavaScript vulnerabilities with a pretty high rate of accuracy .

Since then, some tools, open source and commercial, have been developed and awareness on this very topic grew among application security experts.

The following paper will try to give an unbiased study supported by objective facts about precision and accuracy of existing tools that are stated to identify DOM Based XSS vulnerabilities.

Full slide : Comparing DOM XSS Tools On Real World Bug

or PDF : https://dominator.mindedsecurity.com/sharedto/ComparingDOMXSSToolOnRealWorldBug.pdf

Source : Minded Security Blog: Comparing DOM based XSS Identification Tools on a Real World Vulnerability

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