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Dangerous 'Vawtrak Banking Trojan' Harvesting Passwords Worldwide

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Security researcher has discovered some new features in the most dangerous Vawtrak, aka Neverquest, malware that allow it to send and receive data through encrypted favicons distributed over the secured Tor network.

The researcher, Jakub Kroustek from AVG anti-virus firm, has provided an in-depth analysis (PDF) on the new and complex set of features of the malware which is considered to be one of the most dangerous threats in existence.

Vawtrak is a sophisticated piece of malware in terms of supported features. It is capable of stealing financial information and executing transactions from the compromised computer remotely without leaving traces. The features include videos and screenshots capturing and launching man-in-the-middle attacks.


AVG anti-virus firm is warning users that it has discovered an ongoing campaign delivering Vawtrak to gain access to bank accounts visited by the victim and using the infamous Pony module in order to steal a wide range of victims’ login credentials.

The Vawtrak Banking Trojan spreads by using one of the three ways:

Drive-by download – spam email attachments or links to compromised sites

Malware downloader – like Zemot or Chaintor

Exploit kit – like as Angler Exploit Kit

Mai multe aici: Dangerous 'Vawtrak Banking Trojan' Harvesting Passwords Worldwide - Hacker News

Daca cineva detine sample rog pm.

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