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New Facebook feature Encourages users to use PGP for Encrypted Communications

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In this era of Global surveillance, we all are worried about the privacy of our communication and sensitive data. There is no guarantee that our data is not being snooped on, but there is a solution — PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is more than 20 years old technology but is yet not widely adopted.

PGP is an open source end-to-end encryption standard to encrypt e-mails, protecting you against companies, governments, or criminals spying on your Internet connection. But...

...the tool is too complicated for most of the people to implement and use.

However, Facebook is now encouraging its users to use PGP and communicate by sending encrypted emails, adding the popular OpenPGP email encryption standard as an extra layer of security for the cautious.

According to the latest announcement, you can now upload your Public PGP key to your Facebook profile so that anyone with your public key can send you encrypted emails.

By giving such option to users, Facebook could really help rapid adoption of PGP encryption standard worldwide.

The Social Networking Giant has plans to encrypt all its notification emails to users who use PGP or GPG (GNU Privacy Guard), as Facebook currently sends you emails alerts for private messages, password changes, and other account notifications that may be sensitive.

All the emails you receive from Facebook will be protected with encryption, ensuring that no one — even NSA or any other spy agency — can read the content of the messages without the access to your private key.

Articolul complet aici: New Facebook feature Encourages users to use PGP for Encrypted Communications

Anuntul Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notes/protect-the-graph/securing-email-communications-from-facebook/1611941762379302

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