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Interesant Top 5 tips

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Nu-i lung acest tutorial sa zici ca nu ai rabdare sa-l citesti,asa ca Bafta!

"Lame crackers super-eleet techneeq"

AT number 5:

Always remember to attack systems close to you. Do so in person if possible.

For example, walk into a public access place (say a cybercafe) with a disc containing

loads of script kiddie tools. Be sure they know you personally by name (ideally with your address)

and be sure to get caught on the CCTV.

Then make a blatant attack. Leave a load of SK tools on the machine, leave a disc on the drive

(ideally containing your email address), and trigger off their AV and IDS software.

Then walk out (assuming you aren't busted by then). Those cops are sure to come a knocking...

AT number 4:

Attack a system you have legitimate access to. This is obvious, because as a legitimate system

(for instance your ISP, school or work), they already know who you are and have all your details.

Try to gain root on your ISP's mail server. Try to crack your school teacher's password.

Then be sure to leave all the files in your own account space, just so they can't confuse you

with anybody else.

Ideally leave a file called "teachers passwords.txt" on your desktop.

AT number 3:

Remember to use tools which trigger AV and IDS, after all you wouldn't want them not to notice

your attacks, right?

SK tools are commonly listed in AV and IDS databases, so they should be your first port of call.

AT number 2:

Keep a load of clearly labelled plaintext files stored unencrypted on the HD of a machine used only

by you. Make sure they are properly organised into folders "my_hacking_info" "my_hacking_tools" and


Then you are sure to be totally in the shit if the box is ever siezed.

But by FAR out ahead, at number 1:

Deface a web site and put your name on it

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6. Not using proxies

7. Thinking nobody can track you when you've used a ap in starbucks, forgetting about the cameras and not realising what a mac address is

8. Telling everybody you meet your a hacker/ posting it anywhere associated with your real identity i.e myspace

9. Accepting money for a 'job' and accepting money to your real paypal/ sending it to your real bank account

10. Talking to idiots that can't keep their mouth shut

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