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Chrome and Sandbox issues.

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Hi and good morning everyone,

This post is strictly for educational purposes and no harm intended.

I really wanted to share experiences of late with Google Chrome and sandbox, making it impossible to inject any dll whatsoever into the process

I removed sandbox and it sure did inject without further I dos.

Now I see people going about talking about Sandbox and how it's almost impossible to inject chrome and even the source code I put on here proved abortive along the line.

Contemplating using the code cave injection method, do you think it works? Just wanted to see experienced people with the same problems. No offence, just need to know as they say people in the dark don't see unless they have a lamp.

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@Nytro then I inject into chrome and I don't get to see the dll in process explorer? I did the same using several injection methods, it didn't even behave like there was a dll injected into the process, when I even checked I didn't see the dll in the process explorer.

maybe you can check the dll injector I sent you to see things for yourself. I got confused along the line and that's why I have been asking questions even saw somewhere on cheat engine where someone had the same problem and the suggestion was to take away sandbox for testing. now that was where my heavyweight confusion started.

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You inject in only one process, as I said you in PMs:

DWORD ID = GetProcessId("chrome.exe");

This will find only last "chrome.exe" process. You will inject ONLY in that one.

		  while(bRet)		   {
dwCount ;
dwRet = pe.th32ProcessID;

[COLOR=#ff0000][B] InjectDLL(dwRet,"C:\\Users\\Emi\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2012\\Projects\\iehookmdet\\Debug\\iehookmdet.dll")[/B][/COLOR]
bRet = Process32Next(hSnapshot, &pe);

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