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Finding SSL_Write with ollydbg/ IDA

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Hello everyone and thanks for your help on here. I am most grateful for everything

Today I wanted to try out something again I have been playing with for sometime, finding out ssl_write from chrome.dll I figured out that ssl_write is a static function and as such cannot be found via the names / modules easily.

I have done nearly everything, hence e I don't see the ssl_write function. :( this made me feel bad, not that I don't know what am doing, but am trying to see things inside the disassembler, ollydbg / IDA.

Anyone with a tut? Would be appreciated.

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You have the code that does this here: https://github.com/NytroRST/NetRipper

Read and understand.

Yea boss. See what I mean here. When you talked about "binary find" , that is what I have been sourcing for.

The source code for NetRipper I have downloaded. And studied to a level that I was able to get to now.

Thanks for your help again, you the boss @Nytro

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