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Neutrino HTTP DDoS Botnet

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Neutrino Bot

- The main functional

* HTTP (S) flood (methods GET \ POST)

* Smart DDoS

* AntiDDOS flood (Emulation js \ cookies)

* Slowloris flood

* Download flood

* TCP flood

* UDP flood

* Loader (exe, dll, vbs, bat ... + can specify parameters for running the file)

* Keylogger (Multilanguage) (support for virtual keyboards (removal of screenshots in the clique size 60x60)) (possibility to monitor the specified window)

* Command shell (remote command execution using shell windows)

* Stealing files by mask (eg bitcoin wallets)

* Launch the browser with one of these links (aka Cheaters views)

* Spoofing Hosts

* Stilling Win keys

* Reproduction (USB \ Archive)

* Purity downloads (number found "neighbors" on the computer)

* Identifying the installed AV (on all Windows except Server)

* Update

* Work through the gasket

- Additional Features

* Anti debugging

* AntiVM

* Detect sandboxes

* Detect all online services automatic analysis

* BotKiller

* Bot protection (protection process \ file \ registry branches)

* Unlimited number of concurrent commands (Some teams have a higher priority than others, and their execution stops others)

* Unlimited number of backup domain

* Quiet operation even under a limited account

* Do not load the CPU

- Functional admin

* Flexible system for creating jobs

* Detailed statistics for bots

* Ability to give commands to each country separately or bot

* Customizable otstuk bots

* Sort bots in Articles IP \ Live \ Country \ OS

* System Bans.

- Weight uncompressed binary file ~ 50kb (PL - C)

- Boat tested on the entire line of Windows, from XP to 8.1 (x32/64)

Nb(password=neutrino).7z — RGhost — file sharing

Good Luck !!!

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