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  1. iTunes and iOS 7.x.x-8.x.2 icloud decoder code injection by #cehov RST Platform: Local iTunes, iOS 7 to 8.1.2 remote: iOS Affected: All Apple devices that run iTunes, all iPhones , all iPad's Type: software injection, privilege escalation, software and hardware activation Date of begin: 06 feb 2015 Status: Reported 09.02.2015, Unsolved, Tested and verified Code to inject in iTunes.exe ans second iTunes.dll: 1. BOF:256008X00321 SYMSTATUSREADY MOV: 006100x00a123 2. MOV 005432XUNACTIVATED 002345; JUMP 0X23643; Use what hex injector you want to inject the code then unplug your apple device and restart iTunes Choose Setup new iphone in iTunes and next fast start wireshark and listen for a hash key take the key and decrypt it with Hashcat, you will gain the iCloud acc. privileges. Have fun RST !
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