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    Citeam articolul de pe wikipedia despre Markov Chain (Link) si am spus sa incerc sa il implementez repede in Python. Link catre script. Am sa pun si un asciinema cand am timp ca imi face niste mofturi acum si nu am timp sa il rezolv. Aici e 'algoritmul' : * It eats exactly once a day. * If it ate cheese today, tomorrow it will eat lettuce or grapes with equal probability. * If it ate grapes today, tomorrow it will eat grapes with probability 1/10, cheese with probability 4/10 and lettuce with probability 5/10. * If it ate lettuce today, tomorrow it will eat grapes with probability 4/10 or cheese with probability 6/10. It will not eat lettuce again tomorrow. EDIT: Link catre 'demonstratie' https://asciinema.org/a/sKiuIfAeoaelS1zotA5TOt6zZ
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    vezi ca era recent un baiat pe aici care cerea sfaturi ca merge la parnaie in 48 ore
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    We tested 3 popular VPNs: Hotspot Shield, PureVPN, and Zenmate with accredited researchers to find if the VPNs could leak data. While we hoped to find zero leaks, we regretfully found that all of them leak sensitive data. On the positive side, after we contacted the VPN vendors, we saw one that was fast to respond and release a patch within days. We are still waiting to hear from the other two VPN vendors, and have decided to publish the information in hope that they will hurry up and fix the underlying issues for the benefit of their users. Here’s a is a summary of our findings Hotspot Shield, PureVPN, and Zenmate VPN all suffer from IP leaks. The leaks allow governments, hostile organizations, or individuals to identify the actual IP address of a user, even with the use of the VPNs. Zenmate’s leak was somewhat minor compared to the two other VPNs. We believe that most other VPNs suffer from similar issues, so the fast response of Hotspot Shield is something we think is worth commending. We felt that they worked with our research team in a fast and serious manner and that they care for their users. They took our research as help for improvement rather than criticism. Since the vulnerabilities in PureVPN and Zenmate are still not fixed, we are only sharing information about the vulnerabilities that were found and patched in HotSpot Shield. We advise users of PureVPN and Zenmate to be wary of the leaks they may face and check with their VPN providers for an immediate fix. The research team VpnMentor hired a team of three external ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in three random popular VPNs. While one hacker wants to keep his identity private, the other two are known as File Descriptor and Paulos Yibelo. File Descriptor is a reputable, ethical hacker working for Cure53, the company hired by TunnelBear to identify and fix issues with their VPN applications, and one of the leading companies in security research. Paulos Yibelo, who also managed the team, is a reputable application security researcher. He has found vulnerabilities in popular VPNs and published them in the past. His work was mentioned in ZDNet, SlashDot, and other media sources. *As part of the agreement with our research team, vpnMentor cannot directly influence the research team nor the conducted research. Hotspot Shield’s Vulnerabilities These are the technical details of Hotspot Shield’s vulnerabilities, which have all been fixed by the company: All the issues are related to PAC scripts and were found in the Chrome plug-in. The mobile and desktop apps were not affected by these vulnerabilities. – 1 CVE-2018-7879: Hijack all traffic We observed the following PAC script used in Hotspot Shield Chome extension: ``` function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { if(url.indexOf('act=afProxyServerPing') != -1) { let parsed = url.match(/act=afProxyServerPing&server=([^&]+)/); if(parsed && parsed[1]) return 'https '+parsed[1]+':443; DIRECT;'; } ``` It detects if the current URL has the query parameter act=afProxyServerPing, and if it does, it routes all traffic to the proxy hostname provided by the server parameter. This is a result of the proxy hijack. While we believe this is for internal use, it fails to validate what host is making this “call”. Therefore any URL with the aforementioned parameters will have the traffic routed to the specified proxy. The problem with this is that a malicious adversary could simply ask a victim to visit a link with those parameters, and all traffic will go to an attacker’s proxy server. It would be worse if the connection is on HTTP. – 2 CVE-2018-7878 DNS leak We observed the following PAC script: ``` let ip = dnsResolve(host); ``` This means that dnsResolve will make a DNS request via the system DNS. This is essentially leaking DNS, as the proxy is only assigned after all those conditions. How do we prove it? A simple check in https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ reveals your DNS server. This example shows the leak we found with HotSpot Shield. Our leak that we found with HotSpot Shield on the Chrome extension Notice, any site can read the DNS server the user is using (hence, leaking your country and other vital information). This site is just a tool to help you check that. – 3 CVE-2018-7880 IP leak We observed the following PAC script: let whiteList = /localhost|accounts\.google|google\-analytics\.com|chrome\-signin|freegeoip\.net|event\.shelljacket|chrome\.google|box\.anchorfree|googleapis|127\.0\.0\.1|hsselite|firebaseio|amazonaws\.com|shelljacket\.us|coloredsand\.us|ratehike\.us|pixel\.quantserve\.com|googleusercontent\.com|easylist\-downloads\.adblockplus\.org|hotspotshield|get\.betternet\.co|betternet\.co|support\.hotspotshield\.com|geo\.mydati\.com|control\.kochava\.com/;if(isPlainHostName(host) || shExpMatch(host, '*.local') || isInNet(ip, '', '') || isInNet(ip, '', '') || isInNet(ip, '', '') || isInNet(ip, '', '') || isInNet(ip, '', '') || !url.match(/^https?/) || whiteList.test(host) || url.indexOf('type=a1fproxyspeedtest') != -1) return 'DIRECT'; What we found is that the whitelist for DIRECT connection is just too loose. Here are two examples we found: Any domain with localhost will bypass the proxy, e.g. localhost.foo.bar.com Any URL with type=a1fproxyspeedtest will bypass the proxy How do we prove it? We went to this site with the unpatched version of Hotspot Shield, and our actual IP was leaked. Our IP address was revealed when we tested it. This means that when Hotspot Shield sees the parameter a1fproxyspeedtest in any URL, it routes all traffic to the proxy hostname provided by the server parameter. Therefore, if a hacker redirects someone who is using HSS to https://example.com/?act=afProxyServerPing&server=mywebsite.com, that website will get a hit from the user’s actual IP address. We found similar vulnerabilities in Zenmate VPN and PureVPN. While Hotspot Shield already updated their service with a patch, we hope this will prompt the other VPNs to do the same. Additional research on ZenMate and PureVPN ZenMate’s webRTC leak A simple check was able to determine that ZenMate’s VPN leaked our location. PureVPN’s leak Visiting a website using the Firefox browser revealed our IP address with PureVPN. We will not go into detail about PureVPN’s and ZenMate’s vulnerabilities with the hope that they will soon fix them. While they are not exactly like HotSpot Shield’s vulnerabilities, they are similar. VPN’s responses After fixing the vulnerabilities, Hotspot Shield contacted vpnMentor with this message. “The researchers hired by vpnMentor did not find any vulnerabilities in the mobile or desktop versions of Hotspot Shield. The vulnerabilities they reported were present only in the free Chrome plug-in. Neither mobile nor desktop users of the Hotspot Shield app were affected by these vulnerabilities. We appreciate and commend vpnMentor’s initiative to improve the security of consumer VPN applications, and look forward to seeing more research from their side involving more VPN products in the near future.” What does this mean to a VPN user? VPNs are not as safe as many may think. The fact that we found leaks in all the VPNs that we tested is worrying. Our guess is that most VPNs have similar leaks and that users should take this into consideration when using VPNs. If you use Hotspot Shield, make sure you have updated your app. If you are a user of Zenmate or PureVPN, contact the support team and ask for the vulnerabilities to be fixed ASAP. Sursa: https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/vpn-leaks-found-3-major-vpns-3-tested/
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    Ai venit sa te lauzi sau care e treaba? Si eu imi primesc salariul pentru munca mea, dar nu postez nicaieri.
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    Aerosol: eu sunt pentester, prietene... welcome
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    Cica mai are un loc in patul de sus
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    Scoala are un rol distructiv in privinta asta. Sistemul de invatamant nu indeamna elevii sa experiemente cu mai multe domenii si sa se concentreze pe ce-i atrage. Chiar daca asta nu tine de ei decat sa o mentioneze din cand in cand, e foarte important, pentru ca toata informatia unui student provine de la scoala, iar daca sistemul promoveaza ideea ca trebuie sa existe intr-un cerc inchis de informatie (cel prezentat de ei), majoritatea asta vor face. Pe de alta parte, daca ar fi sa promoveze ideea de studiu pe domenii foarte diferite, o parte din elevi ar ajunge in colturi foarte departe de cunostintele profesorilor, iar apoi nu ar mai avea cine sa-i corecteze, noteze sau certifice, lucruri de care o unitate de invatamant depinde ca sa poata progresa. Facultatile sunt in domeniul educarii maselor, trebuie sa se foloseasca de formule care sunt dovedite ca functioneaza pe cea mai mare parte a populatiei, deci vor recurge mereu la domenii de activitate la care oamenii au cele mai mari sanse de reusita. Nu conteaza deloc nivelul de satisfactie al fiecarui elev, atunci cand descopera ca nu prea e pentru el sau ea. E formula celui mai mare divizor comun. In plus, promovarea explorarii diverselor domenii inseamna promovarea conceptului de autodidactie, lucru care ar duce la o rata mare de persoane care renunta la scoala, fiindca nu ar avea cine sa-i corecteze la ce aleg sa aprofundeze si ar pica la restul de materii pentru ca le-ar ignora daca nu-i ajuta cu nimic. Asta inseamna o rata mai mica de absolventi pentru unitatea de invatamant. Ceea ce duce la un interes mai scazut in unitatea respectiva, pentru ca tot ce conteaza sunt cifrele. Un interes scazut, inseamna putini candidati per loc la admitere, iar cu un numar in scadere de doritori nu poti progresa. Deci se poate observa de ce tendinta de a tine informatia intr-un cerc restrans de capacitatile profesorilor (si, automat, relativ la cmmdc, pentru ca si profesorii tot din acelasi sistem au iesit) este preferata in favoarea promovarii explorarii. Astfel, cei ce vor excela prin sistemul de invatamant, sunt cei ce au interese comune cu ce se preda. Aplicand toate astea la intrebarea ta, raspunsul ar fi: Developerii reprezinta cel mai mare grup posibil de muncitori din domeniul IT (c.m.m.d.c. IT = developeri), asta inseamna ca e cel mai putin probabil sa dai gres cu el daca alegi sa trimiti toti studentii catre acel domeniu. Sigur, unii nu vor ajunge departe. Dar multi se vor resemna cu aproape orice job vor prinde dupa absolvire, pentru ca nu sunt capabili sa accepte ca au gresit domeniul, dupa ce au pierdut peste 4 ani de zile cu el. In plus, uneori, cineva va excela in domeniul ala, iar unitatea de invatamant va putea sa sustina ca ei l-au produs. Masele vor admira studentul, il vor asocia cu entitatea care i-a tiparit diploma si, dorindu-si orbeste aceeasi soarta, vor aglomera locurile facultatii la admitere, dar, mai important, vor privi domeniul de activitate cu o mai mare admiratie. Cam de asta majoritatea celor interesati de IT vor sa fie developeri.
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    Vrei să iei simulările de la bac cu cheaturi băiatu'?
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    Aici vezi cand Facebook iti mai transfera niste date din computer: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/03/15/prepare-to-be-creeped-out/?utm_source=desktop-snippet&utm_medium=snippet&utm_campaign=DataSelfie&utm_term=8040&utm_content=REL&sample_rate=0.001&snippet_name=8040 Aici ai "siteuri de tip site builder" ce iti permit sa urci continut si iti dau si subdomeniu, bun pentru SEO incepatori. http://jigsy.com/ https://www.bravenet.com/ https://us.webnode.com/ https://www.doodlekit.com Aici mariti imaginea fara sa pierdeti calitatea (folositi dimensiunile nu procentajul) bunicel dar nu foarte bun. http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/ Aici vedeti serverul din spatele domeniului protejat cu CloudFlare (isi schimba des portul poate fi 80/81/82/83/...) http://www.crimeflare.org:82/cfs.html Aici gasiti subdomeniile unui domeniu si serverele aferente: https://pentest-tools.com/information-gathering/find-subdomains-of-domain Aici intrati cand va simtiti singuri si cautati o persoana/companie cu care sa discutati https://transparencytoolkit.org/tools/ Voi mai adauga pe parcurs aici link-uri.
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    Ca o completare: facultatea nu te face programator, doar iti ofera o diploma care iti poate oferi un job. cum zicea si syntax, programator te faci singur, tot pe forum am citit o faza ca te poti angaja web dev fara bac (te angajeaza ca portar si iti da la negru bani) uite, eu sunt student la fac. de Automatica si Calculatoare, crezi ca se face cine stie ce? un lucru e cert la AC, daca nu faci citirea si afisarea unei matrici cu pointeri si alocare dinamica nu termini facultatea.
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    Pai nu o sa te faci niciodata programator. Pentru ca programatorii cauta, se documenteaza, daca faceai asta, gaseai patru miliarde de topicuri pe tema asta. Revenind la intrebarea ta. Facultatea ta, la fel ca si a mea si a oricarei alte persoane de pe acest forum(asta daca nu a terminat cineva MIT), valoreaza cat un gunoi plouat si mancat de caini. Zero, nimic. Chiar nu inteleg mentalitatea asta. Trebuie sa te duci undeva sa devii programator? Adica, de ce trebuie sa te duci la facultate? Nu poti sa devii programator de acasa? Din fata laptop-ului? Sunt sigur 100% ca nu vei face cum spun eu, ca nu am eu dreptul sa-ti dau sfaturi, dar eu as zice incerci sa nu iti pierzi 4 ani din viata. Stai un an acasa si invata ce crezi ca trebuie si restul de 3 lucreaza. Vei castiga mai mult ca toti "colegii" tai. Numai bine.
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    Ai Amazon care e mai sigur. Te bati pentru 50 euro in minus? A fost riscul tau sa ti-l cumperi de pe Ebay stiind ce se poate intampla. Blacklist.
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    Rolul acestei sectiuni este mai mult sa demonstrezi vulnerabilitatea, dupa ce a fost raporatata si fixata, pentru a deveni utila celorlalti pasionati de aceeasi activitate. Nu are rost doar sa spui ca ai fost platit, cu atat mai putin pentru o 'companie privata'. Lasand la o parte faptul ca este de prost gust, nici nu ajuta pe nimeni cu nimic aceasta informatie.
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    A primit un update de interfata si profile publice, pentru atunci cand vreti sa trimiteti cuiva lista voastra de seriale si filme. Exemplu: https://sub.watch/p/gecko Link-ul vostru de profil se gaseste in pagina Account. Puteti schimba username-ul oricand doriti. Daca gasiti probleme, va rog sa-mi trimiteti un PM.
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    Dupa avatarul tau, estimez ca tie iti vor ramane maxim 100 de roni. Restul ai va cheltui nevasta-ta, probabil cu amantul. Te compatimesc.
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    Cu boala te mai lupti, da cu prostia...
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    Vezi tu, este exact ca in afirmatia lui Snowden: https://mobile.twitter.com/snowden/status/975147858096742405 Cred ca important e de ce parte a baricadei te afli. Si asta e disclaimerul lui @nytro pentru netripper, deci baga mare. Legal disclaimer Usage of NetRipper for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user's responsability to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program!
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    Sansele sa vina la tine pe persoana fizica sunt mai mari decat pe persoana juridica. Deschizi ceva prin UK/Estonia si astfel reduci din prostia de la noi in materie de firme si pe langa asta facilitezi si relatia cu clientii din punct de vedere fiscal. In plus poti face dovada cu contractele incheiate ca scopul nu este sa furi sau sa imprastii malware. Restul sunt particularitati, daca maine cineva foloseste o masina sa faca un atentat sinucigas inseama ca e e vina producatorul masinii ca nu si-a luat masurile de siguranta ca sa evite folosirea ei in alt scop? Sau ai vazut pe cineva sa se duca la Microsoft sa ii ia la 13 ca de ce nu si-au luat masuri de precautie ca sa nu se poata folosi Windows-ul ca sa faci nasoale?
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    Multumesc. Diferenta care ar fi aici este ca targetul meu sunt firmele mici si mijlocii ce vor sa isi sporeasca productivitatea si securitatea datelor prin monitorizarea constanta a oricarei statii din cadrul companiei. Aparent tipul asta, Huddleston, nu a dat una de un leu pe faptul ca ar putea fi folosit la lucruri ilegale, chiar viza asta. Insa totodata nu vad cum ar fi putut filtra chiar de ar fi intentionat sa o faca. Foarte interesant in orice caz.
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    Contactless pay utilizeaza EMV (aka chip and pin) deci nu poate fi clonat prea usor. In plus la plata conctactless e limita de (12-100€) cu medianul pe la 40€ deci naspa. In plus cardul accepta un numar limitat de tranzactii inainte sa ceara pin. Conctactless e foarte nesigur si prost construit, dar e si limitat la tranzactii mici
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    un baiat de nota 10!!! Colaborare de nota 10+!!! Recomand, seriozitate 100%.
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    Defapt facultatea este buna daca vrei pe viitor sa mergi spre bugetari, multinationale sau firme mari. Majoritatea firmelor serioase cam vor o diploma in domeniu, daca nu esti cumva un guru cu experienta / recunoscut.
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    Nu stiu daca se poate rezolva problema, dar pentru a incarca imagini, foloseste imgur.com si revino aici cu link-urile.
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    Using this method, you will be installing all the Linux files on your Android smartphone by downloading them and then using the complete interface for your pentesting or any other security that you like. You can do all this without rooting your Android smartphone using a superb App called GNURoot. GNURoot creates a fake root environment on your Android smartphone and fools the Linux files into believing they are being implemented on a rooted smartphone. Follow all the steps below to proceed : Step 1. First of all, head over to Google Play Store to download and install GNURoot. This App allows you to install Linux files on your Android smartphone without rooting by creating a fake Linux running platform. Step 2. Once installed, the App panel will give you to install lots of distro Linux roots like Wheezy, Fedora, Aboriginal, and Gentoo. Choose one of them and then simply tap on “Create New Rootfs” and wait for the process to get complete. Step 3. Once the download process is complete, simply select the distro in the second drop down list and then simply tick on the option “Launch as Fake Root.” Tap on Launch Rootfs that will launch all Roots file on a fake Linux platform. That’ it, You now have successfully installed Linux on your Android smartphone. Now you can easily install the extra Linux packages that you need and run the Linux distro with ease. Via @techworm
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    Culmea ironiei? @MrGrj care abordeaza doar baietei are la indemana pdf de vorbit cu femei Good cover!
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    Trebuie sa fii mai specific in legatura cu ceea ce vrei sa afli, daca vrei sa primesti raspunsuri relevante. Altminteri, ori vor fi prea generale si nu-ti vor folosi, ori nu se vor aplica in cazul tau. Legat de SEO, persoanele care activeaza in domeniul asta, majoritatea sunt foarte pragmatici; daca nu-i ajuta cu nimic interactiunea cu tine, nu te baga in seama. Asadar, nu te astepta la nimic de valoare doar exprimandu-ti dorinta de a invata. SEO se invata tocind forumurile in domeniu si prin mult trial and error, ca nu faci mare lucru cu teoria, atata timp cat Google gaseste constant motive sa-si actualizeze algoritmii de cautare, iar parte din teoria predata pe forumuri devine nula.
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    Hi Guys This is newchallnege, today i will share direct link to download videos about Penetration Testing Using Metasploit. Note : for the peapole who don't know how to dowload from uploadocean, please see the below video :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQWtFExaMec 01 Course Overview --------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/wqf6rp6jrah2 02 Introducing Metasploit for White Hat Penetration Testing --------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/kwx2c0uwovz2 https://uploadocean.com/vshgoesrxb78 https://uploadocean.com/ve3wc64kpa6h https://uploadocean.com/74w6i3nhpdrg https://uploadocean.com/9vp9vct8ptoi 03 Installing and Configuring Metasploit -------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/9oh9oyiqqu3o https://uploadocean.com/drzb53s6wbja https://uploadocean.com/1drdtrzj8x5y https://uploadocean.com/2zjvfuc0ot9p https://uploadocean.com/xl6kdaoxtkfa https://uploadocean.com/7wgyut6jd0az 04 Scanning the Network --------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/uctiazdt1bx3 https://uploadocean.com/rvgdxo68hmfh https://uploadocean.com/a75e2xfl4ly7 https://uploadocean.com/syvbhjelwbkx https://uploadocean.com/9ugx92bcmd5q https://uploadocean.com/ogg5xcedzm2u https://uploadocean.com/za8ivyhvc46x 05 Gaining Access to Systems -------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/8dehn6aieg6b https://uploadocean.com/gqbc8xn9zqn3 https://uploadocean.com/3azwlsp0daih https://uploadocean.com/qo5wls3tefwr https://uploadocean.com/9kmnbtqsgo89 https://uploadocean.com/8yl91crsvx08 https://uploadocean.com/jgs6vqb3w21s https://uploadocean.com/d7ctuyg9g4nb 06 Maintaining and Expanding Metasploit --------------------------------------------------- https://uploadocean.com/3oy4fa24b8l5 https://uploadocean.com/3uwco566vxkf https://uploadocean.com/k3oyfhkm21d4 https://uploadocean.com/n1w63d6hhvfd https://uploadocean.com/rjckojln9ua5 All the Best.
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    I will reup it, but it will take a while. edit: Done. Have fun! https://mega.nz/#!liZR3YJD!yWOCMcOqY0nbsj3NVkTDLwVWkqYjRrpDuZiHRPNob3c
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    De astazi se pot obtine pe youtube : vizualizari , like-uri, abonati si comentarii. Doar din Romania.
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    Salut, Am decis sa inlocuim vechiul vBulletin 4 cu o platforma mult mai moderna si mai utila: IPBoard. Mentionez faptul ca este posibil sa apara probleme pe care insa o sa le rezolvam. Orice problema intampinati, postati aici sau trimiteti-mi un PM. Upgrade-ul a inceput in ianuarie, asadar tot ce s-a postat in ianuarie a disparut. De asemenea, au loc mai multe schimbari de care va rog sa tineti cont: 1. Nu se mai permit lucruri ilegale ca: root-uri, vps-uri, smtp-uri etc. 2. Au disparut cateva categorii: Club ShowOff, Games Hacks etc. Am facut putina ordine. 3. Exista un sistem de Downloads insa nu se permite upload-ul fisierelor cu drepturi de autor. 4. Accesand acest website necesita acceptarea termenilor si conditiilor. Ar fi bine sa cititi acel text, nu este lung. 5. Free stuff va fi limitat, nu se va mai posta orice cont furat. 6. La RST Market se va modera fiecare topic postat. Inca nu stim ce sa facem cu el. 7. Nu mai exista niciun VIP. Cine va fi util de acum inainte va primi VIP. 8. Nu pot oferi o lista completa de modificari, o voi actualiza cu timpul. Scopul acestui forum este sa ajute comunitatea romaneasca in domeniile IT security, programare si multe altele. Odata cu aceasta schimbare, vrem sa scapam de cei care intra aici pentru mizerii: scannere, root-uri si alte prostii care le pot aduce probleme. Daca ati venit aici pentru asa ceva, acesta nu este locul potrivit. Va vom bana pentru orice apropiere de aceste practici. Nu sunteti utili pentru comunitate si nici comunitatea nu este utila pentru voi. Am investit atat bani cat si timp in acest forum (cei din staff + altii). Nu vreau sa vorbesc in numele lor, eu vreau sa continui acest proiect deoarece acum multi ani stiam doar Counter-Strike, insa dupa ceva timp petrecut in aceasta comunitate, cu persoanele din acele timpuri, m-a ajutat si acum lucrez in domeniul IT security. Scopul acestui forum este sa ii educe pe cei noi si sa nu ii duca pe cai gresite, insa fiecare este responsabil pentru actiunile sale. Nu inseamna insa faptul ca forumul va fi complet whitehat :). Tehnici blackhat, exploituri si alte lucruri interesante sunt prezentate de catre nume mari in domeniu la conferinte internationale, deci nu ne vom feri sa le publicam aici. Incercati sa faceti si voi cate ceva, o sa vedeti ca va va ajuta mult pe viitor. Incercati sa ii ajutati pe ceilalti si veti vedea ca veti fi de asemenea ajutati. Mai multe, cu timpul. // Staff-ul RST