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  1. vezi aici http://www.grape-info.com/doc/win2000srv/security/aircrack-2.3.html Ras are leg cu wireless hacking,e mai usor pentru cineva care are aceasi problema sa gaseasca aici decat la cereri
  2. sau daca stai pe langa un hot spot , iti faci o antena si ai net de acasa
  3. MiniDisc

    Win LOG.

    ai postat gresit si trebuie sa ai minim 10 posturi ,zbeng are dreptate
  4. gg mozi dar locul acestui post e la exploits
  5. e un exploit nu tutorial , moving ?
  6. owned si asta e fake http://test.hertza.ro/results.php?kbps=01010101110110
  7. yes you read right. it's possible to install linux on gmail. richard jones wrote some python that allows you to mount linux within gmail. you can use all kinds of unix commands to communicate with gmail like ls, rm, grep, cp, etc. it's an ongoing project in development but it's very cool and allows you basically a 2gb virtual drive of sorts. you'll need to have libgmail and FUSE at hand to make it work properly. libgmail communicates with gmail while FUSE provides the filesystem. Give it a shot, it looks like it's progressing very nicely. libgmail http://libgmail.sourceforge.net/ FUSE http://sourceforge.net/projects/avf source :http://hackaday.com/2005/04/14/run-linux-on-gmail
  8. wicrawl Wicrawl is a simple wi-fi (802.11x) Access Point auditor with a simple and flexible plugin architecture. The plugins allow us to find out useful information about an AP so we don’t have to manually check each access point. Plugins are implemented for existing common tools, and new plugins can be written in any language. Wicrawl is able to use multiple cards, and eventually will be able to use multiple computers. The goal is to automate the tedious task of scanning wi-fi access points for interesting information. This can be a useful tool for penetration testers looking to “crawl” through massive numbers of APs looking for interesting data. Plugins will be everything from DHCP and nmap to aircrack or hooks to move a motorized directional antenna around. http://midnightresearch.com/projects/wicrawl
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