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    nu sunt roman. dar mam obisnuit cu mistoul vostru romanesc

    decriptare xml. prin memory reader.

    Hi guys, i know the title must sound obsolete for ya, but i've seen in the past romanian managed to "hack" a previous version of this game. https://world.triviador.net the security has changed since then, i'm wondering if there's anyone that can still make an xml grabber for it. from what i know, if you search "sharedkey" or "rsapublickey" with a memory viewer through firefox for ex, you can see a huge key. i believe that rsa key is used to encrypt the key used for decrypting the xml. anyway, i have managed to write the actual decryption algorithm for decoding the xml, and maybe for decoding the key too, but i can't get the encrypted key out from the memory of any browser. i'm curious if anyone could do that. =] ~ Cheers ~
  4. Decrypt binary key file

    I've got a bin file which serves as a key file for login/upload check system on a website which uses php v5. Can anyone decrypt it? Is there even a begginning with it? I'm asking, because I haven't found one Link for the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ur0w899bxn8vm5m/keyfile.bin
  5. Crypter Level-23 1/34

    server ) f0uck y00u
  6. [Altul] stealer :P

    hiena is a homo
  7. ID de YM

    eu as dori ID lui Slick, dak se poate. MS anticipat.
  8. Virus Nedetectabil

    cauta pe google textul pe care trebuie sa-l scrii in notepad iar dupa aia trebuie doar sa redenumesti fisierul txt in fisier bat
  9. Virus Nedetectabil

    stiu eu un mod de a face un fisier TXT in BAT, care iti formateaza tot calculatorul.
  10. Patricutz

    As dori programelul CQKiller by Slick. ID Mess: patrickcornestean.
  11. Cqkill va rog datimil

    si eu as dori acest programel. Ca din cate am vazut in videoclip stie cam toate raspunsurile.