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  1. Salut RST! Recent am decis sa fac o pagina de facebook care sa promoveze Romania, destinata romanilor. Cu facebook ads merge cam incet., vin max 50-100 likes pe zi (CPC e in jur $0.05). Vreau sa ii dau un boost si m-am gandit sa ma folosesc de functia ''Email Contact Import'' care imi permite sa adaug cate 5000 de emailuri pe zi. Asadar, daca cineva are o lista fresh cu emailuri romanesti sau chiar un fisier csv cu contacte facebook, contactati-ma. PS: Lista o voi folosi strict pentru pagina de facebook. NU ma intereseaza email spam.
  2. The perfect tool for email marketing and newsletters! With Email Sender Deluxe, sending out personalized bulk email and newsletters to your customers and clients just got a whole lot easier! Simply choose your recipients, write your email and hit Send! You can easily import recipients from databases, Excel, text files or enter them manually. You can store email templates, so you don't have to type the whole newsletter again the next time you send one. Email Sender Deluxe allows you to easily preview each email before it is sent to the recipients, letting you see the email they see. Attaching
  3. Background Recently while writing and testing some email related code I got annoyed and decided to make an easier way to automate listening for emails and performing actions when they arrive. The result is websocket.email and to demonstrate how easy it is to use, let's make an email controlled gate opener using a raspberry pi and a tiny shell script. The hardware A gate. A gate opener. A raspberry pi 3 with linux installed. A raspberry pi GPIO 'cobbler' breadboard adapter. A breadboard. An NPN transistor and a 1k resistor. Th
  4. Online Lead Finder V 3.3.07 - 2014-08-21 "You're About To Discover A Software Tool That Tirelessly Works for You To Find HOT Leads and Create Massive Profits!" Features OnlineLeadFinder provides fast, affordable leads. Here's why you should use our service: » Cragislist, BackPage, Ebay Lead Search » Yellow Pages Scraper » Automated Twitter Marketing » Twitter Trends Demand Traffic » Facebook Lead Serve » Social Lead Detective » Google Maps Extractor » Yahoo Auto Answer Bot » Social Mail Hacker » Linked Lead Connect » Email Gunner » FB Open Graph Investigator » Miracle Traffic Bot ChangeLog
  5. Security researchers are warning of a new, easy-to-exploit email trick that could allow an attacker to turn a seemingly benign email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to your email inbox. Dubbed Ropemaker (stands for Remotely Originated Post-delivery Email Manipulation Attacks Keeping Email Risky), the trick was uncovered by Francisco Ribeiro, the researcher at email and cloud security firm Mimecast. A successful exploitation of the Ropemaker attack could allow an attacker to remotely modify the content of an email sent by the attacker itself, for examp
  6. Buna, am programat un comment și email grabber in Python, sper sa va placa Aici e link-ul: https://ghostbin.com/paste/k436w Daca ma puteti ajuta cu un invite la un site invite only unde gasesc torenturi va rog sa imi lasati mesaj multumesc
  7. Salut tuturor, stie cineva un program gen sa poti trimite acelasi mesaj la mai multe persoane de odata? Ca din cate am vazut la yahoo, dupa vreo 2 mesaje cu 70 de persoane iti blocheaza contul.
  8. Salutare! Sunt in cautare de emailuri de buna calitate din Suedia. Daca are cineva sau poate sa imi scoata de undeva ne putem intelege la un pret convenabil. Emailurile le folosesc pentru afliliere la vanzarea unui produs specific acelei zone.
  9. grabbit.py Python script for grabbing email or IP addresses (optional with port) from a given file. Installation Clone the github repo git clone https://github.com/vlad-s/grabbit Usage """ grabbit.py grabs email/ip(:port) strings from a given file """ from __future__ import print_function # pylint needs this for py3k from socket import inet_aton # non regex ip validation from os import access, R_OK # file access validation from sys import stdout # write to stdout if no file specified import re import argparse __author__ = "Vlad <vlad at vlads dot me&
  10. Buna! Am tot cautat pe forumuri o solutie pentru a extrage email-uri dintr-un fisier text. Programelul l-am scris in python si am folosit regular expresions (Regex). Reusesc sa extrag doar email-uri care nu contin spatii, dar nu am reusit sa extrag un email de genul: name2 @ email . com Am nevoie de codul care extrage emailul gasit scris atat corect (fara spatii) cat si cu spatii (cum am exemplificat mai sus). Pun mai jos exemplu de fisier text si codul pe care l-am scris: xxx test1@gmail.com xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx test2 @ email . com xxx xxxxxxx xxx nam
  11. GhostMail is a new secure email, chat and storage platform, with features like self-destructing emails and two factor login. It's free with 1GB space. Free Sign Up [en] | GhostMail
  12. Am gasit un scanner de smtp-uri de linux si m-am gandit sa il postez , nu stiu cum functioneaza am vazut ca ia smtp-uri si din email si din ip .... poate ma lamuriti si pe mine Fastupload.ro - transfer rapid de fi?iere online
  13. Aveti aici 2 liste de email, IT 248K - UK 177K. ExpireBox
  14. APPLE <?php echo "<head> <style type=\"text/css\"><!-- body { background-color: #333333; font-size: 10pt; } body,td,th { color: #cccccc; } h2 { color: #FFCC00; } .business{ color:yellow; } .premier{ color:#00FF00; } .verified{ color:#006DB0; } body {font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; font-size:12px} hr {border: 1px inset #E5E5E5} #form-container { border: 1px solid #ddd;
  15. merg aproape toate, si nu va luati dupa ce scrie la fiecare user adica ca ce jocuri sunt, pentru ca asa erau acum ceva vreme, dar azi le-am verificat si au mai cumparat jocuri. Email: juanantonio_decai10@hotmail.com:defensa Origin ID: juankay5 Battlefield 1942™ BATTLEFIELD 4 (ORIGIN - RU ONLY FREE TRIAL) ================================ Email: i-crut.ru@yandex.ru:1456314563 Origin ID: abc1413071662 BATTLEFIELD 3 ================================ Email: flashray1@gmail.com:djnumba1 Origin ID: xhuterx Plants vs. Zombies_FR™ ================================ Email: vel92@mail.ru:akella92 Or
  16. Email: pmcanespie22@gmail.com:oblivion72 Origin ID: abc1334172750 Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 ************Battlelog************* Link: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/ru/user/abc1334172750 Rank: 1 DLC: No DLC ================================ Email: zunwoo.virat@gmail.com:090517673g Origin ID: abc1428819255 Dead Space ================================ Email: feudji@gmail.com:azedc14789 Origin ID: Rapace14 Medal of Honor™ BATTLEFIELD 4 (ORIGIN FREE TRIAL) ************Battlelog************* Link: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/ru/user/Rapace14 Rank: 0 DLC: Close Quaters ==========
  17. calcx.exe - Scan Result Vulcan Logger va permite sa crea?i keyloggere complet personalizate si invizibile antivirusilor. Specificatii de la autor: Complet nedetectabil(FUD) Optiune alegere SMTP/Port Optiune alegere subiecte email Optiune de livrare informatii computer Optiune screenshots Optiune selectare intervaluri Optiune testare comunicare email Optiune alegere icon Optiuni start Optiune disparitie dupa executare Optiune ascundere in spatele unei eroari Optiune download and execute, website visitor execute Variabile si functii random
  18. marcobama

    Pp +mails

    Ce pot face sa zicem cu aprox 1k valid pp acc si vreo 10 k email acc . Sa fie totul bine si fara probleme ))
  19. Aproximativ 436.000 emailuri scoase din db, apartinand unor firme din ro in proportie de 80% Mai sunt printre ele si alte mailuri valide in genul: georgi_gagicutza@yahoo.com georgi_gagiguta@yahoo.com georgi_gargarita@yahoo.com Download: Download Listafirme for Free | 1gb File Hosting with amazing speed!
  20. How to get the key First you need to go to the giveaway page Than you enter your email After you enter your email click on send button Than you need to go to your email Find the email that Okayfreedom send to you Get the code and enter it at your okayfreedom software And that’s all you have free 1 year premium https://www.okayfreedom.com/specials/pcadvisor0615/of
  21. Cryptographic ransom. Delivered via email. Smart install maker -> Delphi. In attach dropper and extracted ransom. Installs to %Program Files%, runs via HKLM Run key. Used https://github.com/SnakeDoctor/FGInt Changing desktop wallpaper to it own with ransom message. Wallpaper can be found inside ransom resources. Email: trojanencoder@aol.com Target extensions Autoelevate in loop pExecInfo.cbSize = 60; pExecInfo.hwnd = GetFocus(); pExecInfo.fMask = 1280; pExecInfo.lpVerb = "runas"; pExecInfo.lpFile = (LPCSTR)sub_404E98(); pExecInfo.lpParameters = (LPCSTR)sub_404E98(); pExecInfo
  22. A security software firm has warned about a new strain of "ransomware" - while finding that even Russian hackers can be haggled down. Ransomware is software which locks you out of your files until a fee is paid to the criminals behind the attack. Checkpoint researcher Natalia Kolesova detailed information about Troldash, a newly-discovered strain. Once it infects a machine, Troldash provides an email address with which to contact the attackers. "While the most ransom-trojan attackers try to hide themselves and avoid any direct contact," Ms Kolesova explained, "Troldesh's creators provide their
  23. Now No Government Can Spy On Its Citizens! Taking a cue from Google and Apple, Facebook for the first time is giving its users more encryption options to keep their information private, infuriating agencies like FBI and NSA who believe that “law enforcement and national security investigators need to be able to access communications and information to obtain the evidence necessary to prevent crime and bring criminals to justice in a court of law” and that locking user data places lives in danger by limiting government surveillance. The US government who recently said they will stop spying on
  24. Buna sper sa nu va deranjez dsar ma puteti ajuta cu o invitatie pe filelist la email nistor.grigo99@yahoo.com Ms sau un cont nu conteaza .
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