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  1. //grep.app searches code from over a half million public repositories on GitHub. We’re hoping to add more soon… It searches for the exact string you enter, including any punctuation or other characters. You can also search by regular expression, using the RE2 syntax https://grep.app Source.
  2. Searches For Threat Hunting and Security Analytics A collection of known log and / or event data searches for threat hunting and detection. They enumerate sets of searches used across many different data pipelines. Implementation details are for ELK. Adama is part of the SpaceCake project which is a set of hunts, searches, alerts, visualizations and data pipelines for for intrusion detection, security analytics and threat hunting using F/OSS (free and open source) tools Download git clone https://github.com/randomuserid/Adama.git Source
  3. Fi8sVrs


    ma baieti, am intrat cu vpn de China, Japonia, am buchisit pe acolo stirile, Stirea e pentru prosti, si e veche de prin 2017 mureau toti din emisiunea Asia Express, Pepe, Capatos, Maruta.. cameramani producatori pana acum, ah.. si toti care va imbracati din Dragonul Rosu (Bucuresti) Cius, avezi grije
  4. The US Navy has deployed ‘Optical Dazzling Interdictor, Navy,’ a new weapon better referred to as ODIN. This device is defensive in nature — it is designed to take down unwanted and potentially dangerous Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), more commonly called drones. The laser was installed on the USS Dewey, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. Naval officials announced the deployment on February 20, explaining that this defensive laser system went from being a concept to a fully installed system in around 2.5 years. This is the first time a standalone system capable of functioning as a ‘dazzler’ has been operationally employed on a destroyer. ODIN was developed because UAS threats have ‘increased significantly,’ the Navy explains. The laser dazzler was installed on the destroyer back in November, but the US Navy has only revealed its deployment as of February. The technical details related to ODIN haven’t been revealed publicly for the obvious reason of needing to keep them a secret — if the way the system works are revealed, it could enable the development of new drone technologies that can beat the system. The USS Dewey will be used to conduct operations and experiments that will help shape the future deployment of this laser dazzler on other ships. This isn’t the first time the US Navy has detailed high-powered laser systems — in early May, for example, officials revealed that the Navy will install the HELIOS laser system from Lockheed Martin on the USS Preble in 2021. Via slashgear.com
  5. https://tails.boum.org/doc/first_steps/startup_options/mac_spoofing/index.en.html#disable
  6. NEW BATTERY HACKS WILL ‘SPARK’ YOUR IMAGINATION 🔋💥 (2020 Magic Hacks by Rick Lax) https://www.facebook.com/realRickLax/videos/2365827827060663/
  7. apropo, de tot ai inviat mortii, cacatul acesta de copil e in blacklist http://panka.ru/9/454050.htm
  8. CNP,, parinti, vecini (de incredere)
  9. Fi8sVrs

    Fun stuff

    Ah si sa iti reamintesc ca am 50cm in bicepsi, 120 kg si daca ne intalnim din fata tasturii s-ar putea sa numai haha si hihihi cu toti dintii m-ai jignit de 3x pana acum
  10. Fi8sVrs

    Fun stuff

    nici pe mine nu ma amuza, in primul rand trebuia sa posteze in categoria potrivită (RST Bashed)
  11. Fi8sVrs

    Fun stuff

    tu ai inceput, si presupun ca nu ai mai mult de 14 ani, nici nu ti s-a uscat cerneala pe buletin /ti-a bubuit adrenalina in tine cand ai vazut atatea notificari (hahaha) credeai ca te cauta Alba ca Zapada si cei VII pitici, ti le scot ursule //ai dat aiurea dislike, ma referam la ANALOG nu DIGITAL,
  12. Bine ai revenit, ce user aveai?
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