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Found 25 results

  1. Next off, we'll cover the key points to consider when selecting between shared and also VPS organizing. We take nighttime pictures of your VPS as well as maintain two copies in our cloud. You might additionally choose to backup your websites from with Plesk or cPanel. We offer an optional Managed Backup Service - Contact Sales for more information. It supplies you with the same levels of security and also control as a Dedicated Web server without making you pay for sources that are typically not utilized. This means that you still obtain committed RAM, CPU and disk space allotments but at a much lower expense as well as with the adaptability to upgrade just when you need it. This write-up is meant to help orient you with a few of the most usual security measures to absorb a Linux web server environment. This is not an cheap vps reseller hosting exhaustive checklist, as well as does not cover suggested arrangements, but it will certainly provide web links to much more comprehensive sources and also review why each part is an integral part of many systems. Devoted servers are, as their name indicates, web servers that are completely committed to serving your blog site (as well as your blog site alone). You are essentially given an empty web server, and you can place whatever you desire on it. You can upgrade your VPS at any time, directly from your control panel. Your entire system (OS, software application, settings) is conserved; you do not require to make any kind of modifications. The upgrade takes place immediately within mins as soon as you select a strategy. Selecting the best WordPress organizing service for your internet site would seem a challenging task, specifically if you are a newbie. VPS web hosting stands for the most effective of both worlds, a budget-friendly middle ground in between the lower expenses of common organizing and the traffic-handling abilities of devoted holding. However even though many VPS solutions use calming pledges of ease and also assistance, this rate of holding requires a little bit much more expertise and interest than merely vomitting a fixed website with a standard food selection and a contact box; VPS uses a level of control you'll want to make use of, especially since you'll be paying more for it. Some holding companies offer reseller organizing plans that give customers the capacity to handle e-mail, FTP and also several domain names. These Reseller Web server strategies are preferred with small business owners who are handling lots of domains. These plans, however, fall short if you want to set up a software application or if you need to make use of a certain variation of an os or a data source.
  2. https://dedicatserver.ro va ofera servere dedicate performante si Cloud VDS, localizate in doua Datacentere moderne din Bucuresti, unde operam propria infrastructura de retea si servere. Reteaua full mesh impreuna cu protectia DDOS , Load balancer si hardware Firewall asigura protectia infrastructurii si implicit a serverelor si serviciilor impotriva atacurilor informatice. Pentru mai multe detalii despre companie si date de identificare a societatii, puteti accesa pagina: https://dedicatserver.ro/about.php Pentru mai multe detalii despre retea si conexiuni puteti accesa pagina : https://dedicatserver.ro/webhosting.php#firewall Oferta server dedicat: - Protectie DDOS inclusa per IP peak atac pana la 5Gbps sau 250K pps - Protectie Firewall hardware Fortigate inclusa DED 0 – 4 Core DED 1 – 8 Core DED 2 – 12 Core DED 3 – 16 Core Intel Xeon Quad Core L5630 / 1 x 4 Core x 2,13GHz 8 Threads (8 Threads x max 2,4 GHz) 12M Cache per CPU 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core L5630 / 2 x 4 Core x 2,13GHz 8 Threads (Total 16 Threads x max 2,4 GHz) 12M Cache per CPU 2 x Intel Xeon Six Core L5640 / 2 x 6 Core x 2,26GHz 12Threads (Total 24 Threads x max 2,8 GHz) 12M Cache per CPU 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 / 2 x 8 Core 2,6 GHz 16Threads (Total 32 Threads x 3.30GHz) 20 MB Cache per CPU 16 GB RAM DDR3 ECC 32 GB RAM DDR3 ECC 64 GB RAM DDR3 ECC 128 GB RAM DDR3 ECC 1 x 500 GB SATA Enterprise 2 x 250GB SSD sau 2 x 1 TB SATA Enterprise 2 x 250GB SSD sau 2 x 1 TB SATA Enterprise 4 x 500 GB SSD 1 Gbps port / 100 Mbps garantat 1 Gbps port / 100 Mbps garantat 1 Gbps port / 100 Mbps garantat 1 Gbps port / 100 Mbps garantat Trafic nelimitat Trafic nelimitat Trafic nelimitat Trafic nelimitat 1 IP v4 1 IP v4 1 x IP v4 1 x IP v4 Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa IPMI / AMM Remote control inclus IPMI / AMM Remote control inclus IPMI / ILO3 Remote control inclus IPMI / ILO4 Remote control inclus Pret: 40 / EUR/luna Pret: 60 EUR/luna Pret: 145 EUR/luna Pret: 185 EUR/luna Pret: 45 / EUR/luna - 3,2GHz Pret: 75 / EUR/luna - 3,2GHz ===================================================================================================================== Oferta Cloud VDS-SSD , KVM pe platforma Opennebula - Protectie DDOS inclusa peak atac pana la 5Gbps sau 250K pps - Protectie Firewall hardware Fortigate inclusa - Virtualizare cloud pe baza OpenNebula , resurse dedicate -KVM - Doua variante de frecvente CPU 2 GHz si 3,2 GHz CLOUD-VDS 1 CLOUD-VDS 2 CLOUD-VDS 3 CLOUD- VDS 4 CPU - 1 vCore x 2 GHz / 3,2GHz CPU - 2 vCore x 2 GHz / 3,2GHz CPU - 2 vCore x 2 GHz / 3,2GHz CPU - 4 vCore x 2 GHz / 3,2GHz RAM - 2 GB RAM - 4 GB RAM - 6 GB RAM – 8 GB HDD - 20 GB SSD HDD - 25 GB SSD HDD - 40 GB SSD HDD - 60 GB SSD 1 x Backup / 2 x Snapshots 1 x Backup / 2 x Snapshots 1 x Backup / 2 x Snapshots 1 x Backup / 2 x Snapshots IP-uri dedicate - 1 IP IP-uri dedicate - 1 IP IP-uri dedicate - 1 IP IP-uri dedicate - 1 IP Internet - 100 Mbps Internet - 100 Mbps Internet - 100 Mbps Internet - 100 Mbps Trafic lunar - Necontorizat Trafic lunar - Necontorizat Trafic lunar - Necontorizat Trafic lunar - Necontorizat Consola administrare - Gratuit Consola administrare - Gratuit Consola administrare - Gratuit Consola administrare - Gratuit Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa Protectie DDOS inclusa Pret: 3 / 5 EUR/luna Pret: 6 / 9 EUR/luna Pret: 13/ 16 EUR/luna Pret: 19/25 EUR/luna La serviciile de cloud VDS-SSD avem backup triplu : - prin sistemul insusi Opennebula ( datele sunt impartite pe 6 servere fizice diferite ) - clientii au posibilitatea sa faca 1 x Backup / 2 x Snapshots - noi facem backup o data pe saptamana pe banda magnetica LTO7 Pentru serverele dedicate oferim cotra cost spatiu de stocare FTP. Inregistrare / Reinoire Domenii .ro pana la finele anului 2018 - Pret 6,01 Euro / an + TVA Inregistrare / Reinoire Domenii .ro incepand cu 01.01 2019 - Pret 6,5 Euro / an + TVA START-UP pachete destinate IMM-urilor sau firmelor din domeniul IT cu contract de min. 12 luni. START-UP 500 Pachet 500€ pe luna cu orice combinatie de servere si VDS cu 5% discount fata de pretul de pe site START-UP 750 Pachet 750€ pe luna cu orice combinatie de servere si VDS cu 10% discount fata de pretul de pe site START-UP 1000 Pachet 1000€ pe luna cu orice combinatie de servere si VDS cu 15% discount fata de pretul de pe site O lista cu serviciile oferite in prezent: - Servere virtuale KVM in cloud - Servere dedicate - Mitigare Anti DDoS - Firewall Hardware Fortigate si Fotimail - Management hardware 24/7 Caracteristici Datacenter TIER3 : - Alimentarea electrica a datacenterului se face din 2 parti opuse a cladirii - Dispozitiv de protectie UPS+1 - Dispozitiv de protectie Generator+1 - Dispozitiv de racire AC+1 - Infrastructura dedicata fiber Iride catre NX1 si NX2 pe 2 trasee diferite catre fiecare NX prin Voxility si M247, infrastructura dedicata fiber Iride catre INES - Dimensiunea standard a rack-urilor este de 800 x 1000/1200, 42/47U folosibili . - PDU-uri Sentry Switched CDU si APC cu monitorizare si access remote pe fiecare port. Caracteristici Retea: Pentru interconectarea celor doua centre de date si a rack-urilor cu echipamentele folosim o retea Full Mesh compusa din: - 2 x Arista 7280R cu 6 porturi 100Gbps + 48 porturi 10Gbps Networking - 4 x Arista 7050QX cu 32 porturi 40Gbps Networking - 4 x Arista 7048 cu 4 porturi de 10Gbps si 48 porturi de 1Gbps - 2 x Cisco 4948-10GE cu 2porturi de 10Gbps si 48 porturi de 1Gbps - 2 x Mellanox MSX6036F- 1SFR Infiniband cu 36 FDR InfiniBand QSFP 56Gbps - 2 x A10 Networks TH5430S Load Balancer Conexiuni fibra optica : 4x 10 Gbps Voxility, 5x 10 Gbps M247 si 2x 10 Gbps INES ( Total 110 Gbps ) Peering : http://bgp.he.net/AS3164#_graph4 Echipamentul pentru hosting: Pentru solutiile de hosting folosim servere, Supermicro 4 NODE , IBM Blade Center,HP 8 NODE ,toate modelele de server dedicat suporta dual processor, DDR3/DDR4 ECC memorie si harduri SAS/SATA 6G. In cazul in care aveti intrebari referitoare la dedicatserver.ro si serviciile oferite, puteti vizita website-ul oficial. De asemenea, ne puteti trimite un email catre office@dedicatserver.ro pentru orice fel de intrebare, sugestie, feedback, oferte personalizate sau propuneri de colaborare. cu stima, Stuhlmuller Toma-Alexander
  3. net-Shield An Easy and Simple Anti-DDoS solution for VPS,Dedicated Servers and IoT devices based on iptables An Easy and Simple Anti-DDoS solution for VPS,Dedicated Servers and IoT devices based on iptables. Requirements Linux System with python, iptables Nginx (Will be installed automatically by install.sh) Quickstart Running as a standalone software (No install.sh required) via DryRun option (-dry) to only check connections agains ip/netsets and do not touch iptables firewall. python nshield-main.py -dry For complete install: cd /home/ && git clone https://github.com/fnzv/net-Shield.git && bash net-Shield/install.sh WARNING: This script will replace all your iptables rules and installs Nginx so take that into account Proxy Domains To configure proxydomains you need to enable the option on /etc/nshield/nshield.con (nshield_proxy: 1) and be sure that the proxydomain list (/etc/nshield/proxydomain ) is following this format: mysite.com example.com Usage The above quickstart/installation script will install python if not present and download all the repo with the example config files, after that will be executed a bash script to setup some settings and a cron that will run every 30 minutes to check connections against common ipsets. You can find example config files under examples folder. HTTPS Manually verification is executed with this command under the repository directory: python nshield-main.py -ssl The python script after reading the config will prompt you to insert an email address (For Let's Encrypt) and change your domain DNS to the nShield server for SSL DNS Challenge confirmation. Example: I Will generate SSL certs for sami.pw with Let's Encrypt DNS challenge Insert your email address? (Used for cert Expiration and Let's Encrypt TOS agreement samiii@protonmail.com Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log Renewing an existing certificate Performing the following challenges: dns-01 challenge for sami.pw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please deploy a DNS TXT record under the name _acme-challenge.sami.pw with the following value: wFyeYk4yl-BERO6pKnMUA5EqwawUri5XnlD2-xjOAUk Once this is deployed, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press Enter to Continue Waiting for verification... Cleaning up challenges Now your domain is verified and a SSL cert is issued to Nginx configuration and you can change your A record to this server. How it works Basically this python script is set by default to run every 30 minutes and check the config file to execute these operations: Get latest Bot,Spammers,Bad IP/Net reputation lists and blocks if those Bad guys are attacking your server (Thank you FireHol http://iplists.firehol.org/ ) Enables basic Anti-DDoS methods to deny unwanted/malicious traffic Rate limits when under attack Allows HTTP(S) Proxying to protect your site with an external proxy/server (You need to manually run SSL Verification first time) Demo https://asciinema.org/a/elow8qggzb7q6durjpbxsmk6r Download: net-Shield-master.zip Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 LTS Source: https://github.com/fnzv/net-Shield
  4. mk7a

    Parere VPS-uri

    Salut. As vrea sa va întreb dacă știe cineva cum sunt vps-urile de la time4vps.eu? (a nu se considera reclama, nu e site meu și nu are legătură cu al meu). Sunt cât de cât ok sau sunt foarte proaste? PS: m-am uitat pe google, lumea pare mulțumită, dar as dori o părere de la cineva care a cumpărat. Vad ca au preturi foarte mari pentru +1 ip dar nu e problema ca nu am nevoie. EDIT: Pana la urma m-am riscat de 3 euro si am cumparat unul sa vad ce e de el. Merge mpecabil desi e OpenVZ, viteza de download / upload la speed-test sare de 370-380 Mbps, 400 fiind alocati. Per total sunt multumit, atata ca am stat 1 zi jumate sa imi activeze contul dupa ce am trimis poza cu buletinul. Puteti da TC, m-am lamurit, e bun pentru ce vreau eu (gazduirea in siguranta a catorva site-uri, fara sa ma complic cu shared care moare vizite mai multe).
  5. La intrebarea "de ce da Google vps gratuit?" raspunsul e: are bani de la Apple ========================= Alphabet's Google has quietly scored a major coup in its campaign to become an enterprise cloud computing powerhouse, landing Apple as a customer for the Google Cloud Platform, multiple sources with knowledge of the matter told CRN this week. Since inking the Google deal late last year, Apple has also significantly reduced its reliance on Amazon Web Services, whose infrastructure it uses to run parts of iCloud and other services, said the sources, who all requested anonymity to protect their relationships with the vendors. Apple has not abandoned AWS entirely and remains a customer, the sources said. http://bcove.me/f9j5ajd4 According to the sources, Google executives have told partners that Apple is spending between $400 million and $600 million on Google Cloud Platform, although this couldn’t be independently confirmed. Also unclear is whether this range refers to an annual spending rate or a set amount of capacity. AWS said Apple's move to work with Google does not signify "competitive defection." “It’s kind of a puzzler to us because vendors who understand doing business with enterprises respect [non-disclosure agreements] with their customers and don’t imply competitive defection where it doesn’t exist," said the AWS spokeswoman in an emailed statement sent to CRN late Wednesday. Spokespeople from Google and Apple weren’t immediately available for comment. Morgan Stanley, in a report released last month, estimated that Apple spends around $1 billion annually on AWS, but speculated that Apple may look to reduce that figure by moving more computing to its own data centers. Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple is spending $3.9 billion to build new data centers in Arizona, Ireland and Denmark, the first of which is set to open later this year. While it might seem odd for Apple to give business to a cloud service run by a bitter rival in the mobile device market, such arrangements aren’t uncommon in a public cloud market that’s seeing intense pricing pressure, particularly in compute and storage services. Reports of Apple using AWS and Microsoft Azure to run parts of its cloud services date back to 2011, although neither AWS nor Microsoft has ever confirmed that Apple is a customer. But in an Apple iOS Security white paper published in 2014, Apple acknowledged that encrypted portions of some iOS files are stored in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google, which last November hired VMware co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene to lead its cloud business, is said to be aggressively forming partnerships and swinging deals to bring in large enterprise customers. Last month, Google signed up Spotify, which runs part of its streaming music service on AWS, as a cloud customer. CRN reported last month that Google and Verizon were in talks about a strategic partnership involving a Verizon-branded hybrid cloud service running on Google Cloud Platform. Although Google doesn’t break out cloud revenue, signing up Apple -- no matter what the size of the deal -- would give a huge boost to a vendor widely perceived as the distant No. 3 player behind AWS and Microsoft Azure in the public cloud. In the fourth quarter of last year, Google sales for only its Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service products -- Compute Engine and App Engine -- came in under $300 million, according to an estimate from Synergy Research. That's seven times less than the respective business for AWS, John Dinsdale, Synergy's chief analyst, told CRN. Google entered the cloud market with a vow to undercut Seattle-based AWS on pricing, and industry watchers said Apple could gain pricing leverage with AWS and Microsoft by virtue of its Google cloud deal. Google's extensive fiber network linking its data centers is said to be a major competitive advantage when it comes to networking bandwidth costs. Cheaper networking would present significant savings for Apple data services like iCloud, iTunes and App Store, which must either push content to customers or shuttle massive amounts of backup data to the provider. "Google is laying a lot more fiber in a lot more areas, so they have a lot more reach [than other cloud players]," Michael Fraser, CEO of InfiniteOps, a cloud vendor that works with Google and other public cloud vendors, told CRN. Although Fraser said he doesn’t have direct knowledge of Apple's deal with Google, he believes that Google is getting better at winning enterprise customers because it offers superior performance and pricing. "Google is actually the cheapest play in the market when you take into consideration everything they're doing and when you take into account their various incentives," Fraser said. "[They offer the] most cost savings, lowest pricing for what you actually get." Fraser said Google Cloud Platform, according to his company’s internal testing, has "better performance than any of the other major cloud providers." While AWS is the cloud of choice for many startups that can't afford or don't want to build their own infrastructure, it also has a growing list of big-name enterprise customers. Google has seen a slower march of customers to its cloud, a list that includes Snapchat, PricewaterhouseCoopers, General Mills, Coca-Cola, HTC and Best Buy. AWS has such a huge lead in the public cloud space -- with a 31 percent share of the market in the fourth quarter compared with Google's 4 percent, according to Synergy -- that losing some of Apple’s business likely won’t leave a lasting impact. Market researcher Gartner said last May that AWS has more cloud capacity in use than its next 14 competitors combined. SOURCE
  6. Asa cum spune si titlul, vand coduri de credit pentru Google Cloud, in valoare de $500. $0.5 / cod . Plata prin PayPal sau BitCoin. Codurile pot fi folosite pentru a incarca contul Google Cloud, pentru mai multe informatii, puteti sa aruncati un ochi aici : Google Cloud Cu ajutorul Google Cloud puteti creea instante de Virtual Machines (adica VPS-uri ). In numar de maxim 8. Pentru inceput dupa ce va inregistrati, primiti $300 in credite + 60 de zile trial, acele credite se vor consuma zilnic depinzand de cate VM-uri ati creat si cat de mult au fost folosite (acestea functioneaza 24/7 si nu este nevoie sa tineti calculatorul vostru deschis, fara downtime si pot fi folosite ca un calculator personal, doar ca la distanta, puteti instala si folosi orice programe vreti pe el, chiar si traffic exchangers sau mai stiu eu ce) . Dupa ce m-ati contactat si ati cumparat un cupon de credit in valoare de $500, trebuie sa mergeti aici : Google Cloud Coupon Redeeming unde introduceti cuponul si gata, aveti in total $800 credite pe care le puteti folosi in oricare din multele servicii oferite de Google Cloud. De retinut este ca daca veti deschide 8 instante de Virtual Machines, acestea vor costa in jur de $15 pe zi, credite ce vor fi scazute din cele $800 pe care ii veti avea daca cumparati si codul promotional. Cuponul va fi valabil 30 de zile inainte sa expire daca nu este folosit. Lasati-mi un mesaj sau un comentariu cu e-mail si va contactez eu, daca vreti sa cumparati Dovada :
  7. tigrutzu

    Free VPS

    https://koding.com/Pricing , enjoy !
  8. Am un vps care nu-l prea folosesc. Si am zis sa fac boost la ore pe conturi de steam (:. Daca aveti nevoie de boost la ore postati aici, va dau eu un PM. O sa am nevoie de datele contului + codul primit pe mail (ca sa ma loghez pe vps). Momentan tin doar conturile mele: Steam Community :: IDLE ( RADW ) #3 Steam Community :: IDLE (RADW) #2 Chestia naspa e ca... cat timp tin conturile la "facut ore" nu puteti sa intrati si sa jucati jocuri. O sa va delogheze des. P.S. Tin asta pe o perioada de 3-4 luni, nu-s sigur. P.S.S. Nu va fur conturile de steam. N-am nevoie.
  9. CentOS Web Panel | Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel - We only support static IP addresses. We do not support dynamic, sticky, or internal IP addresses. - We do not provide an uninstaller. After you install CWP, you must reinstall the server to remove it. - Only install CWP on a freshly installed operating system without any configuration changes. Foarte vast si bine structurat (cu optiuni on/off). Ruleaza pe 1 VPS de test(1Gb ram). Testati si voi. Imi place, se misca excelent. PS: e anti-prost 100%
  10. 3 Jelly Host , Free Unlimited Space Disk , Free VPS Hosting , Free Domain Name .com , .net , .org , Unlimited Bandwidth , Free Email Addresses , Free Ftp , Free Databases , Free Domain From 3 Jelly
  11. Please use the promotion code "dbm_free" to get one year free VPS hosting. Maximum one package per client. We will verify all orders manually. Please provide non-free email address or social network account in order to pass our verification. aHR0cDovL3d3dy52cHMtbWFydC5jb20vV2luZG93cy1WUFMuYXNweA==
  12. Salut dupa cum spune si titlul caut sa cumpar VPS sau RDP -uri !!! celelalte detalii le vb pe PM.
  13. No bullshit no nothing,just singup and get the VPS for a year,for free! http://guhat.com/
  14. Recomanda cineva un site de unde pot lua un VPS cu Windows pentru GSA si tools like that? De-asemenea caut si niste proxie-uri private, bune. Multumesc.
  15. Free 27 USD for new account. 20 USD must use in 30 Days and 7 USD no limit time use. Then login and share and follow with Twitter, you will have more 2 USD free. Total 7 usd for free. If you can’t add credit card, you must pay at minimum 5 usd with paypal to have 7 usd free. PROMOCODE: SSDVPS Ofera si Vps cu Windows server 2012 Link:https://vultr.com Link Reff:SSD VPS Servers, Cloud Servers and Cloud Hosting by Vultr - Vultr.com
  16. Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Services free vds 1 an Free VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS hosting Free VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS hosting
  17. Vand Domeniu boost .info platit pe 2 ani (Pret:7e) Vand masterserver (facut de rebiz2) pe vps-ul meu, masterul nu are erori si nici playeri!. Vps ul e platit pana in luna septembrie: Pret :15e. Cine doreste sa si-l populeze sa faca ceva frumos il astept cu pm sau reply! Atentie nu cereti pm daca nu sunteti interesati! Ambele le las la 15e Paypal sau 17 transfer/cod Edit: am verificat si pot sa mut vpsul pe numele/mailul vostru
  18. Salut, Baietii am achizitionat ieri de la digital ocean un vps cu urmatoarele specificatii : 1 GB Ram / 1 CPU 30 GB SSD Disk 2 TB Transfer Locatiile pe care le poti alege sunt : _ New York _Amsterdam _Singapore _Londra Ca OS puteti pune orice Linux...sau deh aproape orice linux, dar le are pe cele importante (CentOS,Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD ). Am dat 10$ pe el, plus mai am credit 5$, si inca 25 de dolari prin referali, inca is in peding dar o sa vina..adica dau pachetul care l-am cumparat si cu 30$ in cont..pentru 20$ paypal daca e careva interesat. Numai Bine.
  19. Trial VPS NO ROOT , just app hosting Ssh access,ftp,sftp,remote,mysql am vazut ca poti sa stergi app si poti sa pui filele personale cum ar fi PHPBB Simplu si util. Fully managed servers. Functii:stop,reboot,restart,etc,password change,etc... GO: Cu refer [nu garantez bonusuri.] Fara ref thx daca team ajutat sa-ti gasesti hostul util si frumos
  20. Am gasit un script excelent, functioneaza 100%, e gen whmsonic pentru VPS-uri, va puteti face firma de hosting radio cu acest script.Descarcati-l cat e gratuit. Download : Streamers Admin Panel
  21. MazaBoY

    VPS gratis

    console.aws.amazon.com Este bun pentru persoanele care folosesc jingling,hitleap,etc. Key : amzaws
  22. VPS gratuit de la vps.me cu urmatoarele "componente": CPU 0.6 RAM 384 HDD 5GB BANDA 10GB IP V6 P.S. Va trebuie un nr de mobil pt confirmarea VPSului prin SMS si e gata in 3 minute. EDIT: Nu am gasit o rubrica exacta, il puteti muta daca se considera.
  23. Din cand in cand mai aduc cateva vps-uri. Sunt invitati si ceilalti dornici sa contribuie acestui thread. Pana una alta: Part 1: A8LxpohUpxAuSo1Dnik3L8T9bHBGeG6T0xcbOluN+oHup8Sunibte/CC Part 2: 5o7KIrle5og41ONfYoRyd=kNXrYi1F0AUnPMB4+fPcPzDrldL4Nndzl8DrLs5=lhxSv6Lxn7PNnW1522 Part3: 5o7KIrle5og41ONfYoRyd=kNXrYi1F0AUnPMB4+fPcPzDrldLO+zo4l8DcSO1yPeLOnQUWNLPNnW1522 Parola e undeva in thread-ul asta
  24. (Scuzati categoria daca am gresit, chiar nu stiam unde sa postez, din moment ce nu vand acest serviciu or w/e.) Am primit un e-mail asta-seara: "Hello, San Francisco! Great news! DigitalOcean has opened a new datacenter location in San Francisco, CA! In addition to serving the west coast, the datacenter is located next to the trans-pacific cables, providing a fast connection to Asia. Register with a credit card and enter 'HELLOSF' in the promo code field to receive a free $5 credit (one month free for a 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD Disk, 1TB Transfer droplet)." Vroiam doar sa "impart vestea" pentru cei care nu stiau si cauta de asemenea un serviciu de genu "moca" si rapid. Stiu ca specs nu sunt grozave dar ... mai bine decat nimic . Have fun LINK
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