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  1. You want to learn about phishing but you can't search on fucking Google! Just put the following on Google:
  2. QuoVadis

    Modificari forum

    Baga un ctrl + f5 sau deschide in incognito, posibil sa fie ceva la tine in cache. Si la mine pe Chrome arata asa dar acum e ok.
  3. QuoVadis

    Licenta in Matlab

    Draga analfabet - ce doresti mai exact?
  4. QuoVadis

    Amazon Atlas - WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks publishes a "Highly Confidential" internal document from the cloud computing provider Amazon. The document from late 2015 lists the addresses and some operational details of over one hundred data centers spread across fifteen cities in nine countries. Amazon, which is the largest cloud provider, is notoriously secretive about the precise locations of its data centers. While a few are publicly tied to Amazon, this is the exception rather than the norm. More often, Amazon operates out of data centers owned by other companies with little indication that Amazon itself is based there too or runs its own data centers under less-identifiable subsidiaries such as VaData, Inc. In some cases, Amazon uses pseudonyms to obscure its presence. For example, at its IAD77 data center, the document states that “Amazon is known as ‘Vandalay Industries’ on badges and all correspondence with building manager”. Amazon is the leading cloud provider for the United States intelligence community. In 2013, Amazon entered into a $600 million contract with the CIA to build a cloud for use by intelligence agencies working with information classified as Top Secret. Then, in 2017, Amazon announced the AWS Secret Region, which allows storage of data classified up to the Secret level by a broader range of agencies and companies. Amazon also operates a special GovCloud region for US Government agencies hosting unclassified information. Currently, Amazon is one of the leading contenders for an up to $10 billion contract to build a private cloud for the Department of Defense. Articol complet si doc: https://wikileaks.org/amazon-atlas/ ------------ @aelius de aia e Hetnix-ul ingropat prin Bailesti, e folosit de CIA
  5. Some of the most cutting-edge weapons in the US's military arsenal can be "easily hacked" using "basic tools", a government report has concluded. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found "mission-critical" cyber-vulnerabilities in nearly all weapons systems tested between 2012 and 2017. That includes the newest F-35 jet as well as missile systems. ............. The report's main findings were: the Pentagon did not change the default passwords on multiple weapons systems - and one changed password was guessed in nine seconds a team appointed by the GAO was able to easily gain control of one weapons system and watch in real time as the operators responded to the hackers it took another two-person team only one hour to gain initial access to a weapons system and one day to gain full control many of the test teams were able to copy, change or delete system data with one team downloading 100 gigabytes of information Articol complet: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45823180
  6. Google is about to have its Cambridge Analytica moment. A security bug allowed third-party developers to access Google+ user profile data since 2015 until Google discovered and patched it in March, but decided not to inform the world. When a user gave permission to an app to access their public profile data, the bug also let those developers pull their and their friends’ non-public profile fields. Indeed, 496,951 users’ full names, email addresses, birth dates, gender, profile photos, places lived, occupation and relationship status were potentially exposed, though Google says it has no evidence the data was misused by the 438 apps that could have had access. The company decided against informing the public because it would lead to “us coming into the spotlight alongside or even instead of Facebook despite having stayed under the radar throughout the Cambridge Analytica scandal,” according to an internal memo. Now Google+, which was already a ghost town largely abandoned or never inhabited by users, has become a massive liability for the company. Articol complet: https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/08/google-plus-hack/
  7. QuoVadis

    Cyber Security - entry - salariu

    Btw, mai toate job-urile din afara cand va uitati la plata e cifra bruta, nu neta. Doar asa ca sa nu va faceti niste socoteli si apoi, hop, o treime (sau mai mult, ex 62% in Suedia) dispare.
  8. QuoVadis

    Cont filelist gratuit

    Cate invitatii vreti voi https://gloryholefoundation.com/filelist
  9. QuoVadis


    Si nu prea esti cu toti boii acasa daca a fost nevoie sa dai copy paste la asa ceva
  10. QuoVadis

    hosting gratuit

  11. QuoVadis

    Mineri Antminer s9

    https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/btc https://crypt0.zone/calculator https://whattomine.com/ https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator https://www.coindesk.com/information/mining-profitability/ Din 2011 nu ai auzit nici de Google?
  12. QuoVadis

    Wtf Linus Torvalds ????

    Sorry de offtopic dar il supra-estimezi pe wirtz
  13. QuoVadis

    Modificari forum

    Pe tema normala, nu cea a lui Jecko, incearca sa dai delete la o conversatie in inbox - textul si butoanele au dat bir cu fugitii
  14. QuoVadis

    Fun stuff

    Daca prostia ar durea...
  15. QuoVadis