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  1. QuoVadis

    What Romanians means about Serbs?

    Chill the fuck out dude, nu e nevoie sa urli in caps aici. E Babuinland si atata tot
  2. QuoVadis

    What Romanians means about Serbs?

    Reciteste postarea initiala unde fac referire la “infrastructura”. Daca ai nevoie de traducere o pot oferi. Inteleg ca adevarul supara pe unii de aici care sunt cu musca pe caciula. Dar ca unul care merg cu motorul, am vizitat in spitale motociclisti si mers la inmormantari la ei in Romania, am exprimat o parere, kill me for it.
  3. QuoVadis

    What Romanians means about Serbs?

    Nu ma pun cu mintea prostului pentru ca e odihnita. Insa cifrele vorbesc de la sine: https://etsc.eu/euroadsafetydata/ https://ec.europa.eu/transport/facts-fundings/scoreboard/compare/investments-infrastructure/quality-roads_en
  4. QuoVadis

    Uhm...what's this?

    Intreaba-l pe @sleed de mine si SRI.
  5. QuoVadis

    What Romanians means about Serbs?

    Romania on a motorbike is a bad idea dude. Bad roads, stupidly placed or nonexistent road signs and full of morons with a driving license. If you value your life and health, go the opposite way, to Croatia or even Italy.
  6. Legenda spune ca cei din Teleorman i-au invatat pe elvetieni cum sa isi faca WC in casa si ce e canalizarea.
  7. QuoVadis

    Facultate UK

    Registered office address Flat 6 Addison Court, Brondesbury Road, London, United Kingdom, NW6 6AS - firma de apartament Nature of business (SIC) 79120 - Tour operator activities - nu i-a iesit treaba cu turismul Directoare - Xi Huang ( + mutra: https://i.postimg.cc/LXL0v7Dp/download.jpg ). Momentan studenta si dupa cateva internship-uri acum proprietara de firma cica, cu £100k capital. Miroase a spalare de bani si/sau o smecherie cu vizele.
  8. QuoVadis

    Sugerare Website

    Remedii spirituale: https://www.fiverr.com/gabonne Awesome insight and still is answering follow up questions. Thank you so much for caring! 2 days ago Great as usual. Thank you! 3 days ago seller was quick with delivery, he also was very kind and gave good advice. I'm going to try to be patient and hope for positive results. 2 days ago
  9. QuoVadis


    Ti-as explica de ce esti prost si cum sa nu mai fii prost dar esti prea prost ca sa intelegi ca esti prost. "Succesuri"!
  10. QuoVadis


    Bre omule, daca ai niscai 2-3 circumvolutiuni pe creier, ai putea si tu sa lasi mai multe detalii si un context. Ori tu astepti sa iti ghiceasca lumea imprejurarile tale. Daca nu te sinchisesti sa pui o intrebare cum trebuie, de ce s-ar obosi altii sa iti raspunda cum trebuie?
  11. Pentru pasionati... In this paper we introduce a hiding method which is based on justified text in a pdf file. In this proposed method, first we compress the secret message by Huffman coding. Then we choose some special lines of the cover as host lines. The embedding operation occurs by the replacement of the added spaces by the normal spaces of the host lines. Finally we re-pdf the file and send it. This scheme has a key, and in each use we can choose a new key for increasing the security of the communications. In this proposed method we can embed more information in a cover-text compared with several other text steganography schemes. Also the size of the file of the cover is not changed in this method. The next advantage of this method is that the parties of secret communication do not need to send electronic files and furthermore this method is printable.
  12. During the last two weeks of December, a security enthusiast who uses the online handle SandboxEscaper released details and proof-of-concept exploit code for two privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Windows. Researchers from ACROS Security have released a temporary “micropatch” for one of them through 0patch, a service that provides in-memory binary patching for zero-day flaws, and they are currently testing a patch for the secondary issue as well. One of SandboxEscaper’s vulnerabilities allows a low-privileged user to read any file on the system, including those belonging to other users. The exploit abuses a Windows feature called MsiAdvertiseProduct that performs operations with SYSTEM privileges, so it can lead to information disclosure, especially if attackers know the path to potentially sensitive files they can expose. The second vulnerability is even more serious and allows low-privileged users to overwrite arbitrary files as SYSTEM, potentially leading to arbitrary code execution with the highest possible privilege. This flaw has been dubbed the AngryPolarBearBug and is the one that 0patch.com has released a micropatch for. https://github.com/SandboxEscaper/randomrepo https://www.techcentral.ie/windows-zero-day-exploit-gets-temporary-micropatch/
  13. A man has been charged with flying a drone near Heathrow Airport on 24 December. George Rusu is accused of using a drone on a field near the runway just days after a scare at Gatwick grounded more than 1,000 flights.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46935933 Bre, daca stiti ca aveti pitici pe creier, stati acasa, oricum geme tara de prosti, va puteti camufla bine acolo si nu va are nimeni treaba..
  14. QuoVadis

    Salarii programatori 2018

    Catre cei care sar in sus pe aici cu pierdutul de vreme si ca vreti sa stiti salariile, etc.: sunt unele firme, care au deja o reputatie ca platesc foarte bine, ca ofera oportunitati excelente, etc. si doar cine nu si-a facut tema de casa in privinta lor nu stie asta. Si la job-urile care le afiseaza doar daca te accepta incep sa discute si remuneratia. Pe de o parte vor sa vada motivatia voastra de a lucra pentru ei, ce va diferentiaza fata de multe alte mii de aplicanti (vorbeam cu cineva, au o chestie de "AI" de a elimina aplicanti caci primeau si cate 4-5k de aplicatii pentru unele posturi si omeneste nu aveau cum sa se uite peste ele). si apoi sa va ofere un pachet in functie de persoana decat ceva pre-stabilit intr-o banda salariala care nu va ajuta. De exemplu unii au nevoie de ceva concesii de munca flexibila sa poata petrece timp cu copilul. Altii vor sa se perfectioneze, etc. Nu se invarte totul doar la bani. Exemplu concret - ma uitam recent sa aplic la PwC: se merge pe acest model. Nici nu vor sa vada competitia ce li se ofera angajatilor pentru a oferi ceva in plus si a lua talentul. Exemplu Si multe firme care ofera comfortabil peste media salariala in domeniu si vor mai intai sa vada oameni motivati, pasionati, care au un anumit etos, practica acelasi lucru. Nu e ceva comfortabil si e riscul si sa pierdeti vremea dar de multe ori se merita insa probabil nu in Babuinland unde mai mult isi bat joc de voi.