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  1. ZipExec is a Proof-of-Concept (POC) tool to wrap binary-based tools into a password-protected zip file. This zip file is then base64 encoded into a string that is rebuilt on disk. This encoded string is then loaded into a JScript file that when executed, would rebuild the password-protected zip file on disk and execute it. This is done programmatically by using COM objects to access the GUI-based functions in Windows via the generated JScript loader, executing the loader inside the password-protected zip without having to unzip it first. By password protecting the zip file, it protects the binary from EDRs and disk-based or anti-malware scanning mechanisms. https://github.com/Tylous/ZipExec
  2. GPT-NEO e gratis si Linux la fel.
  3. Extensia .coot cel mai probabil se decripteaza cu o cheie online deci nu ai sanse la decriptare offline.
  4. Recent News (New Update v.1.2) Port Forwarding NetStat Grab wpa_supplicant Turn WiFi On/Off Show Mac/Inet Remove Password Extract apk from app Use Keycode Get Battery Status Get Current Activity Using open Adb ports we can exploit a device you can find open ports here https://www.shodan.io/search?query=android+debug+bridge+product%3A”Android+Debug+Bridge”https://www.shodan.io/search?query=android+debug+bridge+product%3A”Android+Debug+Bridge” To find out how to access a local device --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlhCAX1qBQo Home https://github.com/metachar/PhoneSploit
  5. Multumesc @spider si @brdan18
  6. Mai are cineva o invitatie in plus?
  7. What this tool does is taking a file (any type of file), encrypt it, and embed it into an HTML file as ressource, along with an automatic download routine simulating a user clicking on the embedded ressource. Then, when the user browses the HTML file, the embedded file is decrypted on the fly, saved in a temporary folder, and the file is then presented to the user as if it was being downloaded from the remote site. Depending on the user’s browser and the file type presented, the file can be automatically opened by the browser. This tool comes in two flavors, providing the same overall functionnality but with some slight changes in the way of using it: An python script which generates the output HTML file based on a template, using RC4 encryption routines, and embedding the decryption key within the output file. The resulting HTML can either be browsed by the targeted user or sent as an attachement. An HTML/Javascript that you can drag the file into be encrypted to, which generates the output HTML file, using the WebCrypto API, but NOT embedding the decryption material (key and counter). Instead, the decryption material is displayed as a set of URL parameters to be added into a URL pointing to the HTML resulting file: http(s)://hosting.server.com/result.html#hexencodedkey!hexencodedcounter. So the resulting HTML file cannot be sent as an attachment. The main advantage of this technique is that the decryption material is not embedded into the file itself, hence preventing analysis and even retrieval of the payload by any system which doesn’t have the full URL (eg: intercepting proxy) Home : https://github.com/Arno0x/EmbedInHTML
  8. rukov

    Nimic Special

  9. Hei salut. Ai cumva un tutorial Lynda de MODO si Vray ? Macar vreunu din ele ? Merci mult anticipat !

  10. https://transfer.sh/KZc52/facebookautomation.rar https://transfer.sh/J4Txm/gatherproxy.rar https://transfer.sh/mhcYX/visitormaker.rar Enjoy
  11. Facebook Poster & Scheduler 6.2 I-am facut update dar are aceiasi problema cand posteaza mesaje apare si link-ul acela catre site-ul lor in rest nu are restrictie. GatherProxy 8.9 Visitor Maker 1.3 Daca le doreste cineva le voi posta.
  12. rukov


    Fingerbank is not an organ bank for nice fingers. Fingerbank is the official website for device fingerprints.
  13. CyberChef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife
  14. http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/w1NC2xWv/file.html
  15. https://web.archive.org/web/20161003111415/http://www.pcbsd.ru/w0rm/
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