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Found 22 results

  1. Salutare, Are cineva un plugin pentru wireshark sau vreo metoda de decodare a pachetelor securizate cu openssh? Ele pot fi decodate? Multumesc! Stefan
  2. Hey Crackers!!! I discovered an IoT based device on 84.241.* which I think it's some kind of smart camera, If you have any malware or exploit to attack corresponding host please don't hesitate to share with me. If there's a better discovery technique please let me know. Share your experience of the same IoT based platforms. Your LOVE H3$!z
  3. I'll just start this post with stating that I'm not doing this with malicious intents, nor am I going to use this for other purposes than learning, or advice using this on servers others than your own. That being said, let's get down to business. Why a SSH brute-forcer? Because too many people are still using password authentication with weak passwords. There are still many servers with sshd open with the default port exposed to internet, using accounts with weak passwords. Have a RaspberryPi? Put it on the Internet! Just take a look over Shodan's raspbian with port 22 query. It's cra
  4. Salut, si imi cer scuze anticipat daca am postat unde nu trebuie sau daca am gresit cu ceva prin postarea acestui anunt. Caut un provider pe termen lung de VNC-uri FRESH de USA ... as vrea sa cumpar cantitati mai mari aproape zilnic de aceea cer si ofer seriozitate. NoLogin - SSH Tunnels - FRESH FRESH FRESH ... ( nu incercati va rog sa imi vindeti ceea ce se poate gasi free pe google sau pe alte forumuri). Repet caut colaborare pe termen lung ... si ulterior voi cauta sa cumpar si alte lucruri. Multumesc!
  5. Until now Unix and Linux system administrators have to download a third-party SSH client software like Putty on their Windows machines to securely manage their machines and servers remotely through Secure Shell protocol or Shell Session (better known as SSH). This might have always been an awkward feature of Windows platform, as it lacks both – a native SSH client software for connecting to Linux machines, and an SSH server to support inbound connections from Linux machines. But… Believe it or not: You don't need to deal with any third-party SSH client now, as Microsoft is working on supportin
  6. HostBox SSH is a SSH password/account scanner written in python. README 2.0 Install INSTALLING WXPYTHON ------------------- http://wiki.wxpython.org/InstallingOnUbuntuOrDebian INSTALLING PARAMIKO ------------------- sudo apt-get install python-paramiko 3.0 Usage To run HB in GUI mode: --------------------- ./HostBox-SSH.py Should start the GUI, alt. try: "python HostBox-SSH.py" or "chmod +x HostBox-SSH.py && ./HostBox-SSH.py To run HB in Console mode: ------------------------- ./HostBox-SSH -h For help with command line options Command line options: HostBox-S
  7. rukov

    Ssh Scanner

    Download https://mega.co.nz/#!gR5R0IyL!UPdmJoMBPt0i3G58AZDYPa7sk7isFhQ8c77DinvZwwI
  8. EN: This is a php script that uses a pre-defined set of possible passwords and tries them against a given ssh server. RO: Acesta este un script php care foloseste un set predefinit de posibile parole ?i le încearc? impotriva unui server ssh dat P.S dac? e am s? il testez ?i am s? revin cu mai multe informa?ii despre el. Download: Download: T35T-SSH Password Cracker / Scanner ? Packet Storm
  9. Fisierul de configurare al SSH se afla il gasiti aici /etc/ssh/sshd_config. 1. Creare user de login. Se creaza un user pe server folosind litere mari, mici si numere pentru evitarea dictionarelor si o parola cat mai complexa. Exemplu eT40Pkh2. Acestui user nu i se vor da drepturi pe server. 2. Dezactivare root login. Se cauta parametrul PermitRootLogin. Daca e comentat, se decomenteaza sau daca lipseste se adauga si se se seteaza no: PermitRootLogin no 3. Se activeaza AllowUsers Acest parametru permite logarea prin SSH doar userilor care sunt trecuti in acest parametru. Se cauta parametrul A
  10. ## # This module requires Metasploit: Penetration Testing Tool, Metasploit, Free Download | Rapid7 # Current source: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework ## require 'msf/core' require 'net/ssh' class Metasploit3 < Msf::Exploit::Remote include Msf::Auxiliary::Report Rank = ExcellentRanking def initialize(info = {}) super(update_info(info, { 'Name' => 'Ceragon FibeAir IP-10 SSH Private Key Exposure', 'Description' => %q{ Ceragon ships a public/private key pair on FibeAir IP-10 devices that allows passwordless authentication to any o
  11. To be able to restric a Linux user to www folder and disable ssh access, in my example maned user_name, we should proceed some steps: 1) Edit file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the next lines AllowUsers [COLOR="#FF0000"]user_name[/COLOR] Match User [COLOR="#FF0000"]user_name[/COLOR] ChrootDirectory /var/www ForceCommand internal-sftp 2) Edit the file /etc/passwd like in the next example: [COLOR="#FF0000"]user_name[/COLOR]:1003:1002::/var/www:/bin/false 3) Add user to www-data group using command: usermod -a -G www-data [COLOR="#FF0000"]user_name[/COLOR] 4) The final step is to
  12. This will be the shortest tut made by me because need only few changes. On the begin we will install VLAN packet. This will be done using command: # apt-get install vlan -y After this we will load 8021q module into the kernel using command; # sh -c 'grep -q 8021q /etc/modules || echo 8021q >> /etc/modules' Now the only thing required is to add VLANs into the /etc/network/interfaces file as next example: auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static address netmask network broadcast gateway dns-nameserver # VLAN 69 au
  13. SSH GOSH SCANNER ! l-am gasit pe un vps nu stiu nimic de el ! GOSH
  14. Intro Data grabbing: URL's (geturl/massurl) -> (scan) Configs, Databases, SQLi's (dork) Full Path Disclosures / Users (fpds) -> (brutefpds) Top websites info (top) Massive scanning XSS, SQLi, LFI, RFI (scan) FTP, SSH, DB's, IMAP (multibruter) Accurate SSH bruteforce (brutefpds) Plan Web Apps Grab url's via 'geturl' or 'massurl' (massurl requires list of tags as file) Scan url's parameters for vulns with 'scan' Servers Pick target, get ip range Scan for services on each IP and bruteforce with 'multibruter' Grab full path disclosures, and so linux usernames Perform SSH bruteforce for speci
  15. Aveti aici un scanner SSH mai nou: Download Scanner SSH + Bruteforcer v2 - 2012.zip Parola: WTBoS2JGbFlWbnBpTWtaNVdWaENhR050T1hOWlVUMDk=
  16. SSH brute-forcer tool written in PHP. about: * SSH Brute-Forcer * Written by Miyachung * Homepage : http://janissaries.org * Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/janissariesorg * @@ 'ssh2_connect' and 'pcntl_fork' functions must be installed on your machine (BackTrack5 Recommended) * @@ This tool is using process forking system * All rights reserved * Contact with coder: miyachung@hotmail.com or jabber.org usage: <?php/* .__ .__ _____ |__|___.__._____ ____ | |__ __ __ ____ ____ / \| < | |\__ \ _/
  17. [*] SSH_ Brute-force by MMxM Usage: ./ssh-crack.php <host> <user> <wordlist> Download: http://www.fileshare.ro/e29225522 Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/zip/F5gKTGjA/ssh-crack.html
  18. P.Y.M.P. Scanner unealta de securitate SSH P.Y.M.P. este un scanner si bruteforcer(bazat pe dicitonar) pentru servere SSH. Avand performanta net superioara fata de concurenta, si o interfata usor de utilizat si prietenoasa, P.Y.M.P. Scanner este si cross-platform, putand fi rulat atat pe sistemele de operare de la Microsoft, cat si pe orice distributie Linux. Acum, vom lasa imaginile sa vorbeasca pentru noi: Programul nu este gratuit, dar avand in vedere ca suntem romani si autorul/autoarea/autorii/autistii acestui program este/sunt utilizatori RST, membrii forumului vor beneficicia de o
  19. Scurta descriere: Este un program asemanator bitvise tunnelier doar ca mult mai simplu de utilizat si portabil. Este suportat de orice os care are java instalat. Este prima versiune a acestui tool, asa ca va rog fiti ingaduitori. Astept orice parere ( buna sau rea ) si ce ati vrea sa vedeti, sau sa contina versiunea 2. Download: http://www.filetransfer.ro/Xe6jQm Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/file/15b990970ce7ddb32cb52488c66ec012cf5f72f5f99bda2e6090537fb66dd0d2/analysis/1351638789/
  20. adonisslanic


  21. Cei care doriti sa dati brute dupa multiple ip si aveti nevoie de ip-uri postati aici, ce are legatura cu portul 22(SSH) si voi posta eu. Proaspete: IP Country: Random Tip: SSH Port: 22 Nr: 6.193 Data: Marti 14.09.2011 - Vizitati Proaspete: IP Country: Romania Tip: SSH Port: 22 Nr: 31.249 Data: Marti 14.09.2011 Vizitati
  22. Salut, dupa cum spune si titlul as vrea sa cumpar un scanner SSH. Nu vreau sa imi vindeti versiuni publice... am folosit a cel putin 20 de scannere, cu diferite pass file-uri, etc. as vrea ceva unic, facut de propria mana. As putea oferi 10 euro transfer credit orange / vodafone / cosmote sau paypal. Doresc seriozitate.
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