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  1. functioneza ? a incercat cineva? multumesc!
  2. (6:34:49 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru has not been authenticated yet. You should authenticate this buddy. [Image] (6:34:49 PM) Unverified conversation with facelesscc@xmpp.ru/Приглашение started. Your client is not logging this conversation. (6:34:52 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: hello (6:35:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Hi (6:35:19 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: you can give me a account (6:35:59 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Invitation ( account) (6:36:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: and yes (6:36:04 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I can (6:36:05 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: empty (6:36:11 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: No (6:36:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: scam....ty (6:36:24 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ok (6:36:30 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: i lost $300 (6:36:39 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: facelesscc@jabber.ru (6:36:54 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: This is not our jabber (6:36:59 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: You can check (6:37:03 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me 1 min one account (6:37:12 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I can't (6:37:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: ok scam.... (6:37:25 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Is you choice (6:37:44 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me sing in page on website (6:38:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Check that jabber on google and you will se that is a scammer and was already raported by us! (6:38:34 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: What part you don't understand that you will need an invitation to have access on our website (6:38:45 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: And it costs $300 (6:39:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: in website said 100$ (6:39:22 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: And you get $100 (6:39:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: to spend (6:39:48 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: and afther that 1 proxy /$1 (6:40:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: On what website said 100 (6:40:20 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ??? (6:41:07 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: you are scam:)))) (6:41:15 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: faceless.cc say $100 (6:41:16 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: (6:41:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: If u say (6:42:00 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Ok but if the website is made by me how can u tell me that on website tell 100 (6:44:10 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: Registration cost is 100$, money will be added to the balance in the service. (6:44:55 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: te-am raportat idiotule.... (6:45:26 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: You are very crazy dude (6:45:33 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: da ce .... (6:45:34 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: ? (6:46:03 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I`m not understanding you (6:46:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Try in english (6:46:35 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: da sigur.... (6:46:38 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: As you can see on our website no where says that the reg costs 100 (6:46:47 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: So have a great day (6:46:58 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me $150 si iti dau cont cu 100$ pe el. (6:47:16 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: fara teapa (6:47:23 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: For what to give you 150 (6:47:36 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: for one account with $100 (6:47:42 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: on faceless.cc (6:47:53 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: What is your jabber account (6:48:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: reg with our website (6:48:02 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ? (6:48:24 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: eizo@jabb3r (6:48:28 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: this jabber (6:48:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: 1 sec (6:48:42 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: so I can check (6:48:51 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: yes (6:49:18 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Your account is not reg in our databasese (6:49:26 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: send me one email from faceless.cc (6:49:36 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: So if you think that you are a smart guy (6:49:45 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Make a move (6:49:50 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: :)))))) (6:50:05 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me one email (6:50:07 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: We don't have time for scammers (6:50:30 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I don't need to give you nothing or to prove you nothing (6:50:39 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Bye (6:51:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Since your jabber is not reg in our system! (6:51:20 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: reg you in system for 2 sec (6:51:34 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me user and pass for 2 sec (6:51:38 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Don't waste my time (6:51:53 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Bye (6:52:02 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Access costs $300 (6:52:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Or bye (6:52:07 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: :)))) yes sure
  3. faceless.cc useru faceless.cc este scam !!!!
  4. why me???? i have this jabber from here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51108747@N04/29058717186
  5. incerca pe facelesscc@jabber.ru astept si eu parere despre acest socks!
  6. am primit ban pe chat pt ca ceream un ajutor......thx era mai important sa vorbiti de porno cu copiii zau!!!!!! bv Romanaian Security Team!
  7. modific tot ce sa zice pe forum si imi da error 404 index.php urls.php db.php 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND @ikod @kNigHt ma puteti ajuta pls
  8. Sunt nedormit de 24h chinuiduma sa fac sa imi merga si mie coailii si nici un rezultat! care sa ofera sa ma ajute si pe mine ! thx
  9. @albastrel am inteles asta! dar nu am reusit sa il folosesc. pt ca nu stiu exact cum sa lucreza cu el! thx daca vrei sa iti obosesti capul cu mine!
  10. eu am loat un un hp si un apple de la AGS Electronics | produse second-hand si noi sh-uri si sunt foarte multumit!!
  11. 123a


    sall all @twitchseo si care era:))) ca sa o tinem noi minte:)))))
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