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  1. Oferta de la Shodan, upgrade lifetime cont premium pentru 5$, in loc de 49$, Include: -all add-ons (HTTPS, Telnet, up to 10000 search results) - 20 export credits - Shodan maps, images, command-line - free copy of Shodan book
  2. Baza de date emails pt shop online

    "Chears" sister! Peace and love
  3. Vand Pagini de Facebook Internationale

    Nu neaparat daca nu e pe forum inseamna ca e teapa, dar tot mi se pare mult..... Platesti doar pt numarul de like-uri? Nu ma pricep prea mult, dar nu stiu cine ar da 15.000 (juma' de garsoniera), pe o pagina fara continut propriu, doar cu share-uri catre articolele altora... parerea mea...
  4. Vand Pagini de Facebook Internationale

    Stai ca sunt in continuare nelamurit...de exemplu pentru primul, tu ceri 15.000 euro?? Vine cu un BMW la pachet?
  5. Vand Pagini de Facebook Internationale

    Esti sigur ca ai pus preturile corect si nu ai o problema la tastatura? Se tot apasa "k" dupa fiecare cifra....
  6. Fun stuff

    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-06/facebook-now-wants-your-nude-photos Partea proasta e ca nu e gluma, un labar de la Facebook nu avea material suficient si s-a gandit sa te puna sa iti trimiti de buna voie pozele nud, totul sub "lupa" guvernului Australian
  7. Salut!

    Pustiul nu pare rau intentionat, e de apreciat ca e pasionat si vrea sa invete mai mult, doar ca are nevoie sa fie sprijinit si indrumat pe calea cea buna..la 15 ani nu pricepe care pot fi consecintele daca iti bagi nasul prea mult unde nu ai voie. Eu consider ca l-ai luat prea tare fara sa tineti cont de varsta lui. Parerea mea.... LE: @Zekor, sper ca ai bagat la cap ce ti-au spus ceilalti referitor la deface si ca ai de gand sa treci de la teribilism la invatat lucruri utile din care poti face o cariera LEGALA in viitor...
  8. Most instant messaging applications are providing enriched link summaries (as shown next with Telegram link previews), including description and a preview image of the website. Depending on the implementation these nice-to-have features could become privacy intrusive: indeed, it might force your client into downloading some remote content from an untrusted third party, hence leaking your IP address and OS version (User-Agent). How does it work? The application (client side or server side) will grab the webpage and look for metadata through the Open Graph protocol. These are simple HTML tags included in the <head> section. Twitter Direct Messages When you share a URL to someone using Twitter DM, the server shall see at least two probes: one request coming from Twitter (AS13414) that will load the URL to get the card and, strangely, a second request coming from a Amazon EC2 server with a random mobile User-Agent. Most likely this is done to check for virus/phishing (Twitter will display a warning upon suspicious links on new messages). Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak (message isn’t E2E encrypted anyway) iMessages Upon sending a link, your mobile device will generate a preview card. All data appear to be processed locally from your device. The receiver will not grab the URL but will have the preview data, meaning either data is cached on Apple server, or data is directly sent to the receiver through the encrypted channel. Privacy: fair WhatsApp WhatsApp will have the same design as iMessage: the sender will generate the link preview (grabbing metadata from the URL) and send this data to the recipient through the server. This will occur even when end-to-end encryption is enabled but it doesn’t seem to violate E2E (URL is grabbed from the client, not the server). Privacy: fair Signal Signal does not have any enriched link preview, neither the client nor server are grabbing the URL. 👍 Privacy: good Telegram The Telegram mobile application will generate the preview server-side. From an app that claims to have E2E this is kind of a big issue. Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak Wire Wire will generate a preview locally (from your mobile device). Interestingly, the Wire web app (on desktop) won’t generate any preview. Worth pointing out you can disable link preview in the application settings, good move. Privacy: fair FB Messenger Facebook servers will grab the URL to display the preview card. Haven’t tested with Secret Conversations. Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak Skype Skype servers will generate the link preview as well. Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak Slack Slack app is generating the link preview server-side. Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak Discord Same thing with discord (tested on Discord web app). Privacy: URL is known to the server, no IP addresses leak Sursa: https://blog.0day.rocks/link-previews-in-im-apps-and-privacy-d32e6056095b
  9. Ce face validatorul asta? (anuntul e de un an de zile, nu cred ca mai primesti raspuns monsieur dibois)
  10. DefCamp 2017

    mai sunt locuri? inca nu am apucat sa cumpar bileet, nu stiu sigur daca o sa fiu in tara la inceputul lunii. Exista sansa sa ma trezesc cu sold-out?
  11. Iti dai seama cate FDD-uri au consumat nord coreeni sa stocheze 235 GB? Ce-au mai injurat...
  12. vand

    ...si mai si semnalizeaza

    Nu te mai binecuvanteaza Allah...
  14. "We practice Zero Log policy that means we do not record your activities or what you do online. Our commitment to preserve your online privacy is second to none." Asta scrie pe pagina celor de la PureVPN....mda,