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  1. O noua vulnerabilitate de tip man in the middle a fost descoperita in ehipamentele/NGFW Forinet. "We quickly found that under default configuration the SSL VPN is not as protected as it should be, and is vulnerable to MITM attacks quite easily," SAM IoT Security Lab's Niv Hertz and Lior Tashimov said. "The Fortigate SSL-VPN client only verifies that the CA was issued by Fortigate (or another trusted CA), therefore an attacker can easily present a certificate issued to a different Fortigate router without raising any flags, and implement a man-in-the-middle attack." https:
  2. Ce parere aveti despre incident/ informatii? Probabil o baza de date cu numere de telefon de la programari/ clienti ai clinicii?
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