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  1. awesome vmware escape exploit Sharing some useful archives about vm and qemu escape exploit. I want to collect what I can find. Also be welcome to provide me with issues. In computer security, virtual machine escape is the process of breaking out of a virtual machine and interacting with the host operating system. VMware && Esxi Writeup and Exploit VMware Escape Exploit - CVE-2017-4901 A-bunch-of-Red-Pills-VMware-Escapes eu-17-Mandal-The-Great-Escapes-Of-Vmware-A-Retrospective-Case-Study-Of-Vmware-G2H-Escape-Vulnerabilities Vmware-exploit GitHub repositor Virtualbox Basic virtualbox technical background VirtualBox E1000 Guest-to-Host Escape Oracle VirtualBox < 5.1.30 / < 5.2-rc1 - GUest to Host Escape VirtualBox 5.2.6.r120293 -VM Escape Escaping VirtualBox 6.1 Qemu VM escape - QEMU Case Study Qemu - Escape - analysis - CVE-2015-7504 and CVE-2015-7512 Some Qemu escape exploit Docker Basic eu-15-Bettini-Vulnerability-Exploitation-In-Docker-Container-Environments CSW2016-Docker-Escape-Techonology escaping-docker-container-using-waitid-cve-2017-5123 Hyper-V awesome-hyper-v-exploitation Misc google group vmkernelnewbies(has some good basic intro) XEN D2T2-Shangcong-Luan-Xen-Hypervisor-VM-Escape vmware exploitation(list)
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