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  1. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cloudflare-now-blocks-the-vbulletin-rce-cve-2019-16759-exploit/
  2. Vechime: 2012 Balanta: 45.00 € Ultima plata: 2017 Pret: 100 € Tara aprobare: Spania Nu a mai avut activitate de 2 ani aprox. A fost generat cu continut legal in limba spaniola si engleza. Plata de prefertat in crypto: ETH, BTC, XLM
  3. Amazon has thousands of workers around the world who listen to and review private Alexa conversations with the goal of helping improve the speech assistant’s technology, according to Bloomberg. The report said the Amazon team transcribes the recordings and shares the conversations with other parts of the company in order to make Alexa’s “understanding of human speech” better. The team is spread across different regions, including Boston, India, and Romania, Bloomberg said, and some of the workers review up to 1,000 audio clips per shift. Amazon has never publicly disclosed the role of this group or the fact that human interference is part of Alexa’s voice technology. An Amazon spokesperson noted that employees don’t have direct access to information that can identify the people speaking or the account that the snippet came from. However, Bloomberg reported that recordings are associated with account numbers, device serial numbers and the owner’s first name. The spokesperson said: Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-10/is-anyone-listening-to-you-on-alexa-a-global-team-reviews-audio
  4. Am vazut ca nu vrei py, dar mie mi s-a parut super simplu si usor de folosit, in caz ca te razgandesti. Eu in python am folosit selenium + pyvirtualdisplay (poti emula si rezolutia dorita)
  5. Ai incercat http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/fastresolver.html ? Script in powershell. https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Resolve-IP-Addresses-from-df4cbbe5#content
  6. The world’s most popular Free Web Hosting company 000Webhost has suffered a major data breach, exposing more than 13.5 Million of its customers' personal records. The stolen data includes usernames, passwords in plain text, email addresses, IP addresses and last names of around 13.5 Million of 000Webhost's customers. According to a recent report published by Forbes, the Free Hosting service provider 000Webhost was hacked in March 2015 by an anonymous hacker. In a post on its official Facebook page, the hosting company has acknowledged the data breach and posted the following statement: "We have witnessed a database breach on our main server. A hacker used an exploit in old PHP version to upload some files, gaining access to our systems. Although the whole database has been compromised, we are mostly concerned about the leaked client information." The stolen data was obtained by Troy Hunt, an Australian security researcher, who received the data from an anonymous source and also confirmed the authenticity of the data. "By now there's no remaining doubt that the breach is legitimate and that impacted users will have to know," Hunt wrote in a blog post published Wednesday. "I'd prefer that 000webhost be the ones to notify [its customer] though." 000Webhost Ignored Data Breach Warnings Continuously 000Webhost web Hosting company repeatedly failed to pay attention to the early warnings by Troy Hunt and the Forbes journalist, but the company ultimately decided to ignore them. What's even Worse? The Web Hosting company did not even follow fundamental and standard security practices to ensure the security of its customers. Data breaches are common these days. Just a few days back, we reported about a serious data breach at TalkTalk – the biggest phone and broadband provider in the UK that put the personal data of its 4 Million customers at risk. But, What could a Security Breach lead to? Severe damage to company's reputation Loss of consumer trust Thousands of dollars in penalties and fines Personal data loss cost infinite Temporary or Permanent Closure Note: At the time of writing, 000webhost.com website is temporarily down. What Should You Do Now? For security reasons, the team at Free Hosting service has changed all customers' passwords to the random values and implemented encryption, without giving any direct notice to its affected customers. That means, if you are one of those 13.5 Million 000webhost clients, then you need to follow the password reset process to generate a new password in order to access your account. However, 000Webhost said: "We removed all illegally uploaded pages as soon as we became aware of the [data] breach. Next, we changed all the passwords and increased their encryption to avoid such mishaps in the future." Storing customers passwords in plain text, ignoring early warnings, and then implementing encryption to prevent further damages. SOURCE
  7. Baietii nu se jucau. https://www.facebook.com/PolitiaRomanawww.politiaromana.ro/videos/794474967330406/
  8. Tipic ratatilor vocabularul tau, crezi ca daca ma injuri rezolvi ceva? Nu-ti convine, da-mi report.
  9. Poli?i?tii fac perchezi?ii, luni, la firme ?i persoane suspectate c? au creat pagini de internet prin intermediul c?rora au retransmis programe ale unor posturi de televiziune, producând un prejudiciu de 1,5 milioane euro, bani care au ajuns în conturile mai multor societ??i, unele de tip off-shore. Surse din Poli?ie sus?in c? este vorba despre re?eaua Spice TV, controlat? de Alin Rotaru, g?l??eanul care a dezvoltat afacerea cu droguri „etnobotanice” în România, pân? ca acestea s? fie interzise prin lege. Patru persoane sunt cercetate în aceast? cauz?, pentru infrac?iuni în domeniul drepturilor de proprietate intelectual? ?i sp?lare de bani. Anchetatorii fac perchezi?ii la locuin?ele celor patru suspec?i ?i la firmele controlate de ace?tia, se arat? într-un comunicat de pres? al Parchetului Înaltei Cur?i de Casa?ie ?i Justi?ie. Potrivit anchetatorilor, în perioada 2013 - 2015, cei patru suspec?i au creat mai multe pagini de internet, prin intermediul c?rora au pus la dispozi?ia publicului ?i au retransmis, contra cost, programe ale unor posturi de televiziune cu acces restric?ionat, f?r? a avea acordul acestora, înc?lcând astfel prevederile în materia drepturilor de autor. De asemenea, cei patru suspec?i ar fi utilizat mai multor m?rci înregistrate, f?r? consim??mântul titularului ?i ar fi dobândit bunuri prin intermediul mai multor firme înregistrate în afara ??rii, folosind sumele de bani ob?inute din activit??ile ilicite desf??urate. Pentru a comercializa dispozitivele speciale de recep?ie a acestor programe ?i pentru a încasa sume de bani de la abona?i, suspec?ii au înfiin?at numeroase firme atât în România, cât ?i în alte state, inclusiv societ??i de tip "off-shore", cu ajutorul c?rora au disimulat tranzac?iile efectuate ?i au ascuns veniturile ilicite ob?inute, mare parte din sumele ob?inute în acest mod fiind reinvestite, a precizat Parchetul instan?ei supreme. Cei patru suspec?i au produs astfel un prejudiciu estimat de anchetatori la aproximativ 1,5 milioane de euro. Potrivit unor surse din Poli?ie, progamele de televiziune erau retransmise prin intermediul re?elei de televiziune prin internet Spice TV. Cele patru persoane suspectate în acest caz sunt Alin Rotaru, Iuliana Rotaru, Claudiu Rotaru ?i Gheorghe Rain, au precizat sursele citate. Perchezi?iile sunt f?cute de poli?i?tii de la Direc?ia de Investigare a Criminalit??ii Economice, Direc?ia de Comunica?ii ?i Tehnologia Informa?iei, Direc?ia de Opera?iuni Speciale ?i Serviciul pentru Interven?ii ?i Ac?iuni Speciale din Poli?ia Român?, cu sprijinul speciali?tilor de la Institutul Na?ional de Criminalistic?, sub coordonarea procurorilor Parchetului Înaltei Cur?i de Casa?ie ?i Justi?ie. SURSA
  10. Depinde si de calitatea VPS. Au trimis mail cu niste schimbari, nu blocheaza toate vps-urile. We received lots of feedback and many questions from our members regarding our decision to block IPs belonging to hosting providers from participating in the Traffic Exchange. Read below for further explanations and about a change we are introducing to the rule. We are perfectly aware that the change would cause inconvenience to some of our members, so let us further explain why we made the decision in the first place. As mentioned in our previous e-mail, the aim was to improve the overall traffic quality provided by the HitLeap service. How would blocking hosting provider IPs help? It's quite simple actually. A lot of HitLeap Viewer instances running on hosting provider machines are running in low resource conditions. This prevents the HitLeap Viewer from fully loading all websites, resulting in reduced traffic quality for all members. On the other hand, home users would not be banned as part of the new rule and home computers are usually powerful enough to properly run the application without any problems. After listening to the feedback and opinions of our members, we realized that this decision would cause unnecessary damage to many honest members - those who run the HitLeap Viewer on reasonably powerful servers or even home users running their internet connection through an IP belonging to hosting providers (e.g. VPNs). We figured we could do better and offer a solution that worked for everyone. Hosting provider IPs will no longer be blocked. Instead, we are introducing Session Slots. Similar to Website Slots, you need 1 Session Slot for every instance of HitLeap Viewer. Regular members get 2 Session Slots and Premium members get 5 Session Slots. This will cover the large majority of home users. If you wish to start more instances, you can always purchase more Session Slots at very reasonable prices. This, along with much stricter quality controls we will be introducing, will incentivize people to contribute quality traffic to the HitLeap network, removing the need to apply a very broad ban by simply blocking hosting provider IPs. We believe this change to be the most flexible solution, while still allowing us to improve traffic quality going forward. For anyone reading this far, here's a small extra bonus for you: a teaser of a Linux version of HitLeap Viewer we have been working on: see here
  11. // scuze ca ma bag peste tine, dar poate mai au si altii nevoie. Era un ebook cum sa primesti licente pentru Autocad 2014 sau 2015 valabila 3 ani. Pentru cei interesati: =gGd0B3cBNTJv8CZs5CZy9Gci9Ge1NXZyN2buRXZuRnLj9WbvU3LxAjNwIDO4ATNvEWd092YhRmLw52Z No hints.
  12. Google today announced the launch of a security rewards program for Android at Black Hat’s Mobile Security Summit in London. The Android program will only cover vulnerabilities that affect Nexus phone and tablets available for sale in the Google Play Store, though. Right now, that’s the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet. Base rewards start at $500 for reporting moderately severe vulnerabilities and go up to $8,000 for researchers who report a critical bug, provide a test case and submit a patch. On top of that, Google will offer up to an additional $30,000 for exploits that can compromise TrustZone or Verified Boot (and slightly smaller rewards up to $10,000 and $20,000 for attacks from installed apps and remote or proximal attacks). Google believes the whole Android ecosystem will benefit from this vulnerability research, though. Given that the Nexus devices are the only ones Google has full control over — and that they run the company’s stock version of Android — it makes sense that the company would restrict this program to vulnerabilities that can be reproduced on these devices. The new program is in addition to Google’s existing Patch Reward Program, which also includes the open-source foundations of Android. Bugs that qualify for this new program include vulnerabilities in the Android open source code, OEM libraries and drivers, the kernel and ARM TrustZone OS and modules. Google says it has now paid out more than $4 million since the launch of its first bug bounty program in 2010. In 2014 alone, it paid out a total $1.5 million to more than 200 researchers. Source
  13. Nu ma intereseaza sa fie reali si nici tara, am cumparat de pe addmefast si in doua zile s-au dus toti. (cred ca e un filtru de la fb) Ideea e sa tina chiar daca sunt falsi.
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